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  1. not able for much contact yet, but he's getting better. He always comes to greet me when im changing his water/feeding him etc. He never used to come to close so its a good start! He'll also take treats out of my hand
  2. Hello All! Im back again lol Well just thought you'd like to know my rescue Bertie has been with me for 2 months now (how time flies!) I bought him a bigger cage which he loves- he has room to fly and spread his wings now- its huge! lol as you can see here... He really has come on so much. He has gained so much confidence. He used to sit and shake when i went near his cage- now he comes to the door to greet me! He has started talking too and in the mornings wakes me up with a "hello! i'm done!" he also tells my other greys to "shut up!" when they get too noisy. He had feathers missing from his neck, which are now growing back. He loves his fruit and veg which is brilliant and loves to play with the others. Some pictures for you
  3. aw ty Ive still lots to learn but i do my best they are my babies
  4. Hello All, A little update for you. Bertie has been here a week now & he's settled in wonderfully. He's eating new foods etc and getting very excited at the sight of the others playing. Everyday when i let the others out ive been opening Bertie's cage to give him the choice to come out. Everyday he's been getting nearer & nearer the entrance to the door. Yesterday i got everyone out as always and opened Bertie's cage. We put some music on whilst i was cleaning all the cages and we were all singing along Then i looked up and counted 4 birds, and for a split second was slightly confused. Then looked again and looked in Bertie's cage and he wasn't there... he was sitting on the top He had come out to play!! I was so happy and so proud He hasn't been out of his cage for years and there he was as happy as anything. He's come such a long way in just a week heres some pics for you all to see Whats all the fuss about? look at me out on my cage The fun bit was getting him back in... I refused to catch him, chase him, force him or use his travel carrier (which he hates) because that then makes the experience of coming out to play a horrible one rather than a nice one. So, i tried tempting him with treats, food etc but nothing. I ended up staying up with him all night lol and this morning i wondered whether he didn't want to go back or if he simply didn't know how! So i decided to take off part of his roof of his cage... and within 5 minutes he had climbed back in and was sitting on his perch singing! lol So after over 14 hours of being out i now have one very happy bertie and one tired mummy! but it was worth it
  5. ty Hey Em! how are you and major? Yeah i have a new addition, another grey. I rescued him. He's 5 years old and hasn't a very good life bless him. Still settling in as i only got him on friday but time and patience i think i can give him a good life. He's already took a liking to Casper! lol hope you're well x
  6. This sound very similar to a grey that lived in a small cage near Staines in a pet shop there. It is the same grey? im not sure. the lady i got him from didn't live near me, she lived in London but im unsure where she bought him, but yes a possiblity
  7. thank you for the welcome back Not really any news/gossip from me, apart from my new addition! How are you all? what have i missed? wheres Pip!!??
  8. Hello everyone Sarah and flock here! It's been a while i no, sorry! Just posted in the living with parrots section update for you all on Casper, Alfie and Percy. Will get some new pics up for you all to see soon. Wanted some advice while im here. Ive got some news. I had a new arrival yesterday by the name of Bertie. He's a 5 year old CAG and i rescued him. Im his 4th owner (we think) and he's had it rough bless him. He was a breeder but when his mate died he was took to a pet shop and lived in a very small cage with no toys. The lady that had him before me bought him, but only had him six month due to finding out her son was allergic so sold him on. He's a very frightened little chap, not tame and very quiet. He has lost a few feathers from his neck but the lady said these are growing back, altho the stress of moving again may cause him to lose a few. I really want to help him all i can, he won't ever be moving again thats for sure, this is his forever home now, but any advice from anyone would be gratefully received hope you're all well Sarah and flock
  9. Hello everyone, just thought i would drop by, its been a while. Update for you, Percy, Casper and Alfie are all doing fine Casper talks lots now, quite a character and mummys boy! Alfie is very playful loves hanging upside down and often goes off to play with percy. Hope everyone and their flock are doing ok Sarah, percy, casper and Alfie xx
  10. Just an update for you all, I lost my darling baby Georgie today. He will be missed and there is now a piece missing in my heart forever. Maybe one day the tears will stop flowing. He's sleeping peacefully now with his brother Snoopy who we lost 2 years ago. Sleep soundly together my babies xxxx ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ condolences thread - https://www.parrot-link.co.uk/topic/24566-for-sarahpercy/
  11. hehe mine are still too little to pick on my coughs, altho i did have one last week. For those of you that have terrible colds- try nurofen cold and flu (its in a silver box) that stuff is amazing! i felt dying and i took 2 tablets before bed, then 2 again the next morning and by the afternoon my cold had gone as quickly as i got it. I swear by it! hope you all feel better soon lol xx
  12. Hehe thanks Pip I know!! when i put them together Casper looked HUGE compared to lil Alfie lol
  13. thanks! hehe yeah i made sure he was ok and he was fine lol soon gave it another go. It was just the look on his face as if to say "that wasn't supposed to happen!" i did give him extra cuddles after because he'd tried so hard!
  14. I got both my cages and stand from just cages and i found them to be brilliant. When i got my stand i was told it wouldn't be delivered until december due to stock so i was over the moon when it arrived 2 days later. Same with my cage, i ordered it late on a wednesday night and it arrived early friday morning. All mine are liberta and i think the quality is brilliant, along with price!
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