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  1. i'm having the same thing i was told he was tame. all he does is bite it's hard doing his food and water. he his only a year old. i've been told when he bites pull your finger up not away but it's hard when all your fingers blooding. i just don't want my kids putting there fingers in. can i have help please
  2. what a 1st night with him i've only got half a arm left and it's taken me 2 hours to get him back in his cage. lol if anyone as a good well of getting one in his cage at night
  3. 1 year and 2 days old. what sort of yogurt do you feed it and how much. cos i did not give my last one yogurt and i was reading someones thread with a photo of a grey with yogurt.
  4. roary (roary the racing car ) kids for you lol.
  5. Hi again just to let you all know i got that grey.i picked him up today will be fun having him. looks like the people got bored not that tame like they said but could not walk out without him this is him
  6. hi thanks i'm just waiting for someone to get back to me for a 11 month old one. will be picking him up when i get home from work thursday. my two boys will be happy again i will put a photo on of my 6 year old and roary.
  7. thanks you two. i like to see them fly. it was only cos i was going to buy a grey of proloved a few week ago and his wings where clipped one more thing i got roary when he was 2 years old and he was already tame. i don't know what to get one that's young are one that the owner don't want anymore and i could give him the love he wants. could someone tell me are they hard to tame when young.
  8. Hi all i would just like to say hi. and to say well done to all them breeders i was looking at some greenwing macaws and the breeder was doing a 5* job. right a bit about me. i live in bridlington east yorkshire and i'm looking for a african grey. i've had one before i was on holiday and my mate was looking after roary and he forgot to put in back in his cage and he open the front door.:-( thats was about 2 years ago and i still have his cage ready for my new friend to come. i was just seeing what people think of clipping wings cos i was thinking of doing that. thanks steven
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