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  1. 2 of my Hens escaped from their aviary and im desperate to get them back, Leah and Pop flew away about a weeks ago now and they have only been sighted once... if any one knows anything please call 01775 767612 and ask for Yvonne This was Leah when we got her as a youngster... And this was Pop as a youngester x
  2. about 18 months ago we rescued a 13 year old african grey.....he was bred by a breeder but sold in a pet shop, some people bought him and got bored, which is how we got him. i have a black headed caique and his leg ring tells me year of hatching, etc..... i was really interested and looked at charlies ring, but it is unmarked, it does not even look as if it was engraved in the first place, it is silver on the outside and purple on the inside? what does this mean?
  3. yer we know that charlie can fly we are incouraging him to learn again, he can get up onto the top of his vage and glide down but once down he cannot get back up again so we have been providing ladders for him to get back into his cage or onto his perch. I have now started college and im living away from home in college accomadation about 40 miles from where i live, im coming home every weekend and will be able to work with him and i have trust that family members will be taking him out of his cage for me but im worried we will go back to square one if i dont see him for so long.
  4. just read the tips that people have given me on here and put them into practice, they do work slowly...... we have had to put a sign on charlies cage to remind visitors and people to stop putting their fingers in, i mean it always happens you go out the room to make your guest a cup of tea and they get up to look around, and decide to stroke the parrot...... then complain when they get bit. Charlies reward for not biting me when i put my hand in the cage is for him to get to come out of his cage and sit on his perch. As he cannot fly (he lost his ability due to being sat around) he will happily sit on his perch all afternoon and not move. You couold leave charlie in our living room and pop to the toilet and make a cup of tea. I have often left charlie out of his cage all afternoon, i brought some food out for him and some toys and he sat there all afternoon while i watched tv and was on the internet. Things are looking up now, slightly.
  5. i have tried my parrots on millet as i used to colony breed budgies and i had 2 teils in with them. I gave what was left after i sold my budgies to the parrot but they were not that keen. I know he is scared of target training i did give that a go. At this moment in time he has 1 wooden perch, one wooden perch with dangly bits of rope attached to it, a fabric perch, a fabric swing, a metal bell which he does ring occasionally and a toy that has rope and plastic rings hanging from it, which it only plays with when he is angry.
  6. haha lol. If i was you i would wait for a while with the lovely parrot you have and if you still want and think you are ready for a blue and gold macaw which are bigger and more noisy you could get it alongside your hahns macaw. But dont rush into things or 2 parrots might then need a new home after the owner didnt think it through properly
  7. teils love to eat millet spray or chickweed if you havnt given him these before most budgies and teils will do anything anything for these. Let him out of his cage and offer him some food and treats from your hand, it will be a slow process but done enough he should come around.
  8. well when we got charlie he never had any toys just 2 perches and the food bowls in his cage. we put in toys yet he wont play with them accept if he is angry then he attacks the toys angrily. I had a bit of improvement today. i had him out and he flew across the room to land on someone. i calmly got up without the glove pulled my sleeve down of my jacket put my arm in front of him and told him to step up. Without biting first he steped up first time and i told him he was a good boy and put him back on his perch. He is deffinatly not afraid of us personally as he willingly flies to us, but not angrily just to land on us. We allow this as long as he stays on our knee and not near our arms or face, if he comes any closer where we could get bitten he goes back onto his perch. He is happy to step onto a gloved hand without shying away. As for treats charlie is and always has been reluctant to try new foods we offer him and may take up to months to try new food. We have tried clicker training which went pretty badly, all he does is immitate the clicker. We clicker train our dogs so i knew to get him used to it we had to do click treat click treat and keep repeating so he know clicker means he has been good. I know for sure i am missing something but that something is hard to find. All i know is that he had a bad experience with people and i found out the other day that when ever he bit someone the previous owner would flick him on his beak. I was like oh this gets better and better, apparently someone had told him to do this and im positive it only made him worse.
  9. well i was told by someone not to react so i try not to pull my hand away i either keep it there if im wearing the gloves and if im not and he drew blood i will use my other hand to remove the beak from my hand slowly pull my hand away and stand near him for a bit queily then i go to the bathroom and clean up the blood and that when i do the swearing.
  10. We deffinatly know it was the last owners that made him weary of people but trying to stop this biting is so difficult. Charlie just doesnt co-operate with us. i knew it was going to be a slow process but after a year im starting to think he is suited better as a cage bird and doesnt want to be touched or stroked. Even changing toys in his cage is a challege and if you get out with one bite mark you are lucky. I dont even have to go to him for him to bite me, he lunges.
  11. she should be fine with the dog i have a african grey, a caique and a budgie in the living room which they part-time share (in the day, they sleep in kitchen) with my 3 English springer spaniels and unless the bird is flapping wildly then the dogs dont bother with the birds. Although our african grey loves to chuck bits of fruit out of is cage bars and watch the dogs rush to eat it.
  12. i have a black headed caique called george and he is a good flyer and hard to catch sometimes if he is being a pain. he is quite cuddly but does nip if he is grumpy, tired or hungry. he likes to surf. Surfing is when he rubs his body on your hair and clothes. And caiques eat a lot of fruit too, george spends most of time eating.
  13. we have a black headed caique called george he is pretty quiet and he is so happy and playful and if he is not sleeping or eating he is playing, he rarely sits still yet is happy to stay in his cage as well as be out of it.
  14. i think my birds will be ok we have three dogs and they wouldnt get far, the bird bites and the cage is really heavy.
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