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  1. Corneal Ulcers can look like white spots. Usually down to bad diet or some deficiancy.
  2. Quote ANZ3001: Im happy to continue debating about it, it was you that removed me remember? the general concensus in this thread is from the anti too, what i find odd is ive had a number of emails/pms (here,facebook and twitter) since i posted this agreeing with me, why people wont openly stand up to your tactics is beyond me but i know they are there and i'll continue to debate every point you make, shame you struggle to debate points, even with your high end education ...................... Hi Anz. Thank you very much for posting CURRENT photos here so people can see what the NPZ is like NOW. Regarding your quote: "why people wont openly stand up etc. etc." As far as I'm concerned if nobody replies to some of this sites members ridiculous comments they usually dry up, as they have nobody to argue with. It doesn't matter what the NPZ does it will NEVER be right and as for not being a personal witchhunt against Steve Nicholls and the NPZ, oh please pull the other one!!!!!!!!!! Note: I shall be saying no more.............. except thanks again for posting the great photos.
  3. Never been away, but I shall not be getting into discussion with you.
  4. For information: The Parrot Society (highly reputable group) will be holding an area meeting this Sunday, assuming the considerable building works that is going on allows, at the sanctuary/zoo.
  5. Su espanol is muy bien!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I was talking to someone last night about organic food and apparently some countries outside the U.K. have not got the same high standards for classing something as being "organically grown". Now, I have no idea if this is true but it wouldn't suprise me. So may be we can't even be sure that imported organic fruit and veg is up to the U.K. standard. Our government is quite hot on the do's and don'ts of growing of organic food. There are many poor countries and some with not very competent governments. I could quite easily think that they may not be so hot, or turn a blind eye, as to grow organic cost more. Just to cheer everyone up (this is not to do with organic food) a friend of mine visits Gozo, off of Malta, nearly every year and in walking about in the countryside, on farmers fields, he see's cans of pesticides that have been band in this country for years. Anyone fancy some nice juicy fruit from Malta?
  7. Thank you Cocky2 for listing the vit. & min content of grapes, it was very interesting and obvious that it is a good food. to give, humans and birds alike. I do wish some people wouldn't always believe "what they've read" or "what they've been told" so quickly and sometimes pass on miss-information. Unless fruit and veg is organic, it is almost certain that it will all have been exposed to pesticides and to be honest I don't know if peeling fruit would be sufficient to rid the fruit or veg of any type of chemical. Does anybody know? If this is so nothing is safe unless organic. You can't go through life in fear of everything, but using a bit of common sense and washing well everything before offering to a bird and I suppose it should be the same for humans. One thing that makes me wonder, people who are sick, in hospital, are ofte given grapes, because they're supposed to be good for them. Well, if the illness doesn't get them, the poisoning from the grapes will. Sorry for being flippant.
  8. ....................... Quote: Peter55 If you do a search on grape nutrition, you will see that it is a good food to offer, especially on the vit. and min. content.
  9. Your very welcome.........
  10. You can buy electronic mosquitto repellers. I've used a personal one for years and have never been bitten whilst wearing or clipping to my bag. Here's a link to a website that sells them: http://www.hygienesuppliesdirect.com/sub/electronic_pest_control?gclid=CLbUzsDu96QCFYkI3wodgUJKUQ
  11. Even when not in use, please be careful, as I had a call from a lady whose African Grey had flown up the chimney. It took quite a while for him to be rescued. Fortunately, the man of the house was a roofer and wasn't scared of heights and was able to put a net over the top of the chimney. I'm afraid I can't help with the burning of materials.
  12. Don't worry, I would never chance free flying - my nerves would never stand it! It's just nice to see birds flying free
  13. How great it is to see your Grey flying free. I wish it was an easy thing to do.
  14. I believe that Limestone grit is soluable too. I have personally always offered a grit mixture to my birds. A mixture of limestone, oyster and mineralised. Also offered is, Granulated Charcoal. On watching, quite often you will see them pick up a piece of grit and grind it with their beak and I've never been aware of them just swallowing it. I think this is another subject where people cannot agree on, but makes for interesting debate.
  15. Enjoyed your postings very much Shanlung. They were written in such a clear, uncomplicated and kind way.
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