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  1. carries

    MY ZOO!!!!

    It's not a farm pmsl.... I live in a normal sized, 3 bed semi I do own a little extra land for my chickens but no where near a farm!!! Carrie xxx
  2. carries

    MY ZOO!!!!

    the pups are 14wks old now xxxx it looks like they will be here with me untill after christmas now xxxx Carrie xxx
  3. carries

    MY ZOO!!!!

    Not sure, some of them are rescue hens, some where POL, some we breed ourselves there all family :D/
  4. carries

    MY ZOO!!!!

    Will do hotfoot :wink: They are siberian huskys not mallies :wink: thanks guys I love my zoo :wink: !!!!
  5. Welcome to my Zoo :oops: These are my foster puppys.... http://s157.photobucket.com/albums/t64/carriesteel_2007/puppys/?action=view&current=25f8d180.pbw I have 1 other dog who seems to have escaped all photos on this computer but once thats sorted I will add some of her as well :wink: yesterday I became the proud owner of 2 lovebirds aswell My Zoo is progressing well Carrie xxx
  6. carries

    For my mum Iris

    my thoughts are with you Sue, Im sure she will be smileing down on you xxxx
  7. carries

    Howdy all ! (Buckaroo92)

    Hi & welcome Carrie xxx
  8. carries

    New pics

    Your birds are stunning & a real credit to you xxxx Great pictures as well! Carrie xxx
  9. carries

    Meet Hardie

    aarrrhhhh how cute xxx
  10. carries

    RIP - Peaceful thoughts for Winston

    Thinking of you :cry: :cry: fly free little one xxxxx Carrie xxx
  11. AAAWWWW ...Bless them both, little sweetie's xxx
  12. carries

    Mojo calling George!

    very cute vid xxx
  13. carries

    Hi (alfiesowner)

    Hello & weclcome
  14. That is so funny, it had me laughing even though I have the hangover from hell
  15. carries

    tortoise o rturtle

    Tortoise!! & very cute xxx