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  1. Thanks for that much obliged
  2. I have had Jazz (2yo African Grey) for 4 months now. When I bought him he was frightened and had been attacked by a dog. I was told his wings had been clipped by an Avian Vet. However when he stretches, his wings are a state. They don't seem to be growing in. His red tail feathers had stress lines but new tail feathers are growing in fine. How long should it take for his primary feathers if not damaged take to grow back in. Thanks Brendan
  3. I have a hand reared Senegal and have had a handreared parrotlet, both being very tame and contented. I now have a totally fantastic loveable 17 week old green cheek conure. The only problem is she is totally HYPER !! She never sleeps, Alaways wants out her cage and when she is out she just constantly walks about over my keyboard,my shoulder... everywhere. I totally love her to bits but will she calm down ? My Senegal Napoleon is so calm but Candy is a bird on Speed.... will she calm down with age ?
  4. Hi is there any way of determining the age of a Green Cheeked Conure. I have just purchased one that I am told is 15 weeks. My Senegals eyes turned yellow when he was about a year but was wondering if there was anything like this for a GCC. Thanks [/img]
  5. Hi this is my first post. I have just purchased a Hand Reared Green Cheeked Conure. She is 15 weeks old and very tame. The only thing is she always heads for my shoulder.Is there an easy way for me to stop this. ? Also I took her in the car today, a 300yd journey to show her to my friend. She regurgitated some food on the way. Is this through exitement or just a bad traveller ?? Thanks in Advance Brendan
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