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  1. major sat at the window shouting at them and tilting his head at the pretty colours!
  2. Marley is a lazy git...he'll only fly if it involes getting food no matter what I try!!! Trix on the other hand has moulted a load of feathers but still beats Marley!
  3. I have a pillowcase next to Majors cage incase of a fire, but thats it. I don't have anything special for myself and my kids so guess Major has an extra notch on the emergency ladder to the rest of us
  4. awwwww, Val Thinking of you xxxx
  5. awww, poor Fred. I wonder how he is doing now?
  6. Ha we have one of those big balls and Major loves it! He throws it round the room like a loony and if often found flying overhead trying to aim it at being dropped on my sons head1
  7. I am really sorry for your loss :-( Is there any chance the wasp may have stung your bird? Wndering if that is why he got so upset and is not himself? I agree with the others though that you should get him checked out buy a vet just incase as it does seem a long time for a bird to be like that. Another possibility is that maybe he is missig your husband? Birds have to adapt too :-( I would definately go and get him checked out to put your mind at risk though hun. Take care xxx
  8. Well, the ropes went back up and he flew straight to them, giving me the evils for taking them away...however, they are at the back of the living room, the stand is in the window...... he soon went back to the stand, so he could have an argument with the pigeon sat on the fence!! he is happily sat on his stand now looking at his reflection in the window!
  9. I will watch this with interest as want something for Major
  10. Yep, Major seems to think so too, but it's got him used to his stand lol!!! He flew straight to it this morning and was playing happily for ages. The ropes are going back up tomorrow.
  11. I took the kids to Chessington today and while there we visited the new Lorikeet Lagoon, a walkthrough full of these lovely birds. one word really.... WOW! We went twice, the kids were hooked. We were able to but little pots of nectar and the birds flew down happy to lap up. They landed on us and were so friendly, well 3 of them landed on my DD head and started a fight lol. I did have to laugh though at one mum of a girl aged about 10 or 11. One of the birdies pooped and itlanded on the girl, the girl screamed, the mum screamed and then marched the girl out (almost standing on a little birdy long the way...guess who was checking the birdy while everyone else looked at the human!) Anyway, she was complaining it pooped on her daughter.... it is a walkthru my love with birds happily flying about, your choice to enter!!!! When one pooped on my DD all she did was shrug and say it was like being at home hehe!!!!! I think I am in love though, they are totally stunning birds!
  12. Maj is getting better, he will stay on it for a few minutes now, screaming at the birds outside. That may be something to do with the fact that I have taken down his ceiling ropes and window swing for a few days, so he has limited places to perch!
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