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  1. I've tried to take a picture but my camera isn't very good and it's not showing up very well. I'll upload the best one - how do I do that?
  2. Thanks for the tip on wheatgerm oil. She doesn't have any swelling and is using her feet well, e.g. waving when she wants something. The fresh foods she has are usually the foods we have in the house, so fruits would be grapes, apples, oranges and bananas (though she's not too interested in oranges or bananas) and typical vegetables would be carrots, peas, sweetcorn and peppers. We've been giving her chili peppers to increase her vitamin A intake. So far today I haven't noticed her pay too much attention to her feet. Yesterday she probably washed them for about 45 minutes on and off during the 6-7 hours I spent with her. We also wondered about giving her baby food, e.g. sweet potatoes and carrots - does that sound okay?
  3. Hiya, the Vet at Springfields is the one we visit. Thanks for the info about the nearest Avian Vet - shame there aren't any closer!
  4. She's a medium sulphur-crested cockatoo
  5. She has lots of toys and spends the majority of her time out of the cage. I don't think she has a particularly large amount of sunflower seeds - there are some in her seed mix and we occasionally give her some as treats. The licking and scratching of her feet has defintely increased recently. I will try to increase her vitamin A and D intake. If anyone would recommend a particular seed mix I would be grateful to hear as it was difficult to know which one to choose. I might just take her to see our local vet if no improvement with the vitamins as he can at least advice and refer on if needed. Are there any other symptoms for gout we should look out for?
  6. I don't think so as she seems to be bothered by both feet and it's more her claws and around the nails than where her ring is.
  7. Thanks for the info. We live in Rotherham, I know there used to be some avian vets in Sheffield but as far as I know there aren't any now. In her cage she has one wooden perch and one sandy perch for keeing her nails short. She does seem to prefer her sandy perch and sleeps there too. She is only very young - less than 2 years old.
  8. Thanks for the reply. Her feet and beak are actually a bit flakey. Apart from vitamin drops, is there anything else you would recommend? We took her to our vets about 2-3 months ago and he said she looked in good condition. He's not an avian vet but specialises in birds. The nearest avian vet to us is in Leeds, which would take us an hour to get to. We could afford to take her but obviously the long journey would be stressful so it's a case of weighing up what would be the best option. What seed mix would you recommend? Many thanks.
  9. I forgot to mention that she doesn't seem to have any marks/ sore areas on her feet.
  10. Hi all, our cockatoo has recently started licking her feet constantly. She will spend a good half hour doing this if left to her own devices. Any idea why she is doing this? Is it indicative of a problem and should we take her to the vets? She seems otherwise healthy. Many thanks, Kara and Phil
  11. Definately, it has certainly made us a lot more careful. The beads were just plastic ones but she must have managed to find something she wasn't supposed to have. We're just so glad our little angel seems to have recovered and is back to her usual adventurous self. Thanks again for the support x
  12. Hi, thanks for the replies. She seems to be doing fine this morning, playing and talking. She didn't fall onto the floor last night, she flew down but seemed to lose all her strength as though she had injured her wing. However her flying is fine today. Thanks for the list of vets, I did try to contact the International Zoo Vetinary Group but their emergency line took me to answer phone each time I tried. That's probably the nearest to us and still about an hour away - not great for an emergency! I noticed that her sick contained some tiny brightly coloured bits. She had been playing with a bracelet, pulling off the beads. I thought she was just pulling them and dropping them but maybe she could have ingested some?? Anyway, thanks again for your help, we'll be keeping a close eye on her today.
  13. Hi, I would be grateful for some help... my one year old sulpher crested cockatoo started being sick about 45 minutes ago. I was sat with her and watched her fly onto the floor before being sick. She seemed quite weak and was sick about 10 times in total. I rang the emergency vet who said they were not avian specialists and suggested I ring the international zoo vets. I tried the number but no answer. I left a message but no one has called back. For the past 15 minutes my cockatoo has stopped being sick and has started eating, drinking and playing. She seems back to her normal self but I would appreciate any advice about what I should do next and what signs to look out for? Many thanks, Kara
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