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  1. Yes I only sprouted sunflower seeds and he ate the lot! Which is good because I still havent found anything else hell eat - just seed and grapes. I even nearly ate a palm nut myself the other day ut to no avail
  2. Hi - thanks Im sprouting some sunflower seeds tonight for now and will do some mixed pulses tomorrow. Fuzz whats the name of yr restaurant cos I wanna book a table!
  3. OK thanks Ive ordered some ACE-high and Ive got a small syringe for my chooks
  4. Thanks for the advice. Were getting there with baby steps. On the subject of greys being ground feeders Charlie doesnt go to the bottom of the cage, even for dropped grapes or fav toys, which I find odd, as my old grey spent much of his time down there, especially to rip up the paper! Also he hasnt ventured off his cage yetbut he does practice flying on top of his cage every morning - I suppose time will tell
  5. Thanks Fuzz Can I spout the other small seeds in his mix or do I have to pick them out first? He is taking up so much of my time! I think Ive become obsessed! Just about to get the sewing machine out to make him a new fitted cover! Spoilt comes to mind!
  6. Top tip - thanks Ill try the teatree oil .... but Im hoping to avoid get bitten again .... in my dreams anyway
  7. Thanks Fuzz ... I know its gonna be a long road......but I think hes done incredibly in just over a month. I dont think he was given any treats by hand and when I asked his previous owner what his favourite food is he said monkey nuts but now they get thrown on the floor straight away. He will take the tiniest food from me now but Im workin on the variety. He even ate a couple of Harrisons pellets from my hand the other day but since then they get left in his bowl, so Im gonna have to be more cunning and now Ive blended some to mix with his seed, cos Im concerned hes not gettin enough vits and Ive started adding a few drops of Calcivet to his water. Ive read that some people put it straight on fruit treats but should it be neat or diluted when given like that? We also play with foot toys and now I can use both hands quite close to him and he seems comfortable with that, so I thinks that a good sign .....We will be good friends one day I know .....
  8. Hehe! my darlin old CAG used to say yeah yeah in my boredest voice all he way through every conversion! Its a bit like looking in the mirror, most disconcerting!
  9. Thanks everyone! Ill try the fist of iron but how did you get so many bites Mpeafree?? Every time I get bitten the wound turns nasty, despite cleaning them well. Is that normal with parrot bites? How long have you had your rehome and hows he settling in? Ive made a hand perch today but im not gonna use yet, Ive left it for him see for a while first.
  10. Oh very encouraging reply - thank you Rubytoo. I think hes far quieter already. When he first came home we put him in the kitchen/family room and he pretty much made the loudest smoke alarm noise all day. It was giving everyone in the house a headache and so after a week he was moved to the utility room, and immediately he was quieter, except mornings and evenings, which is OK. Maybe he felt more secure away from the hubbub! Also we're heaping the praise on when he makes a nice noise and when the siren goes off we can leave the room. Plus he seems to need his sleep more than our old CAG and so we cover him at about 8.30pm when we gets really noisy. But he is a sweety and has started making the funniest kissy noises to me, even though sometimes hes completely fluffed up. I think him trying to bite us through the bars is a game hes been allowed to play so its just gonna take time and well play lots of better games instaed. Thats the theory! Ive made a hand perch today but ive left it in his sight and im not gonna try yet. I was so pleased today, cos I gave him a fruit skewer the other day and filled it with tantilising fruits that he wouldnt touch, so today I just put grapes on it and he scoffed the lot as soon as my back was turned. At least I know hell use the skewer, now Ive got to wean him off the grapes! Thanks for listening
  11. Hello - love this site! Joined 18 months ago when I lost our darling Skipper - 24 yr old CAG. Got a rehomed big CAG before Xmas and hes settling in nicely BUT he does have a lot of baggage and I do have a nasty swollen finger! So Im gonna be devouring your site for all the tips I can get..........
  12. Hi I've not been on the forum much and am new to messaging but I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew or rather CHARLIE HAS!!!! FROM MY FINGER!! All advice gratefully received. We lost our darlin Skipper, 26 yr old CAG 18 months ago now and I missed him so much that my hubbie said hed get me another, but with so many parrots needing rehoming we said wed do that. We brought Charlie home in Mid-December. We were told hes 7 yrs, is open ringed, his first owners had lots of young children around and then the man we bought him from got him as a companion for his female CAG but that made her start self plucking so badly that she looked oven ready and that was why he was being rehomed. I wasnt happy with the way he was kept, he was kept in the garage over the summer and when it got too cold was brought in next to the females cage and both were semi covered so they couldnt see each other. He was only fed seed and doesnt accept anything else, fruit or veg, except grapes (surprise surprise). Oh sorry Im going on too long. Ill cut to the chase, the real problems are twofold. He bites and hes very loud! I know its gonna take a long long time but I dont know what to do about the biting. Im writing this with a very sore swollen finger! Ive been trying to avoid being bitten and he trusts me enough now to let me change his food bowls and clean inside of the cage while hes on the top. Having just read Gregs excellent Breaking Bad Habits book I thought Id try to slowly start the step up training, which went well - he reached pass my left hand to take a grape half and then I even brushed his foot, so full of praise for him, we called it a day and he was being so soft that he allowed me to stroke his beak. I thought Id repay the trust and allow him to mouth my finger. BIG MISTAKE but I tried not to freak and even sat there for a while, catching the blood, and spoke softly before leaving him for a few minutes. Was that right - how do I teach him that its not acceptable behaviour? He also seems intent on trying to bite us through the bars - he seems to think its a game! So sorry to go on so much...........
  13. Hi Eileen - any joy in finding your father in laws bird? I do hope so! I still havent had any sightings. Boo hoo!
  14. Argh thanks so much - you are right! I havent really given up on him but its so upsetting not having any sightings at all for two weeks. I walk (and dangerously drive) around looking skyward but ................ nothing! Best wishes xxx
  15. I havent seen or heard anything now for two weeks. I dont think Ill see him again. Thanks everyone for your support
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