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  1. Hi I have just purchased a 15 week old hand reared girl Hahn’s Macaw which is extremely tame and has really bonded with us, her gage is in the living room where we spend most of our time but as soon as I walk out of the room she goes absolutely med by squawking in a very load manner and I am worried that next door will soon start to complain, so is there any one that can advise me as to how to stop her squawking I eagerly await your replies Many Thanks Ray
  2. Hi Thanks you for that I will have a look around as this sound the way to go!! Thanks again Ray
  3. Yes officer you have it correct!!!!!!!!! and "you must calm down deer it only a commercial" as My daughter wants the Hahns's Not that I have to to explain to you what I want to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Hi I have just purchased the most beautiful 15 week old hand reared Hahn’s Macaw which is the most friendless bird you could ever wish for and now have got the bug and would really love to have a Blue and Gold Macaw instead could anybody point me in the right direction as to the four’s and against of this exchange? Thank you Ray
  5. Hi Is it possible to keep a blue and gold Macaw in the same large cage as a Hahn’s Macaw? I already have the 14 week old Hahn’s and thinking of getting the blue and gold Many thanks Ray
  6. Would it matter if I was to attach a long piece is string to the lead on the harness to allow her to have a longer leash when in open land. Many thanks Ray
  7. Hi David So what are you saying just ignore her??
  8. I have just bought home just yesterday (Thursday)the most beautiful 12 week old Hahn’s Macaw and as I say he is one beautiful tame hand reared bird, he has really bonded with me after just 24 hours he is a real buity,I need to know what to do as when I walk out of the room he really squawks like mad, should I just ignore her?? Many Thanks Ray
  9. Sorry it does'nt have to be,what I meant is I dont mind if it's a rear bird and dont mind if it takes me a while to locate one Thanks Ray
  10. Hi I am thinking of purchasing a parrot but undecided as to what variety to buy, so would like to look into it properly by asking several people several questions. I am looking for a rare small colourful talking parrot, budget is not really an issue, can you please advise on this to give me a few pointers and where to purchase? Many Thanks Ray
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