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  1. Love it when they start mumbling.. Chiku's just started at that stage.. They remind me of the drunk guy off The Fast Show
  2. Just cos the cage is stone and doesn't look dusty, doesn't mean is isn't, just like a black one would be. I got black so I could see where the dust was and so I know I've got it all off
  3. i was about to say that shoulder pad would be useful for Falconers, but that would be a silly idea
  4. Chiku has been with me since September and she still has the occasional bit of soft food from me.. though it is getting less and less.. They will decide when they don't want you to give them anymore so just keep offering it till they refuse. It's also a good way of getting stuff into them as KThorton said - if you ever need to administer meds (50 years with never having to do this would be rather lucky!!) Or you could mix the warmed food with Red Palm Oil (I found some in Asda), that will help keep feathers and bird in tip top condition.. Hell, even whack some Nutrobal or Calcivet (which ever supplement you use) in there, every little helps. I used kaytee's handfeeding formula when I got Chiku home.. Sadly i didn't know about that stuff when I got Echo - so she was brought up on mashed banana but seems none the worse off for it.
  5. if you want blinds i recommend these guys. http://www.247blinds.co.uk/ I got some black vinyl blinds from them and the prices were very reasonable. They always have a sale on
  6. I have an Echo too I love their tree, it's amazing! I might do that as the Java one I keep drooling over is a bit expensive
  7. That's a shame.. though if the treat cage never spoke before, it could have been quite a shock to suddenly discover it had "come alive" lol.. Maybe a slower introduction would work, as Echo can't get enough of hers!
  8. My two are the same :evil: Echo acts like she wants attention, so i'll give her some, just to get nipped and sqwaked at.. lol..
  9. Echo loves hers too.. i think the batteries have gone flat.. she keeps bouncing it, but then making the noise for the ball in the hope it'll respond.. She thinks it's died.. I shall bring it back to life tomorrow (again)
  10. http://a1parrotrescue.co.uk/safe-plants/4532736362 According to this list Mint is ok.
  11. The seeds are nice and peppery, Papaya's are a favourite here. They're a mission to cut up though, It's like trying to nail jelly to a tree.
  12. Nice one for this I should read this section more often.. Sent emails to Lafeber and Harrisons, lets see what happens. If the birds like the lafeber stuff, I'd definitely continue to use it. I've read some good stuff about them.
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