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  1. I love the harlequins like chala says the colours look like an artists pallet
  2. Special Friend I lost a special friend today the kind you can't replace, and looking at her empty bed I still can see her face. I see the endless energy the sparkling eyes, Not the tired, fragile friend I had to bid goodbye. I know he's in a special place our Lord has for such friends, Where meadows, fields & flowers help make them strong and whole again. I remember how he'd fly to me to play his favorite cocky game, And how his feathers would fluff right up When he heard me call his name. But as those precious years went by And we both aged and grew, I'd find him often slowing down But-we had still so much to do. I've noticed in the recent times His ears were not as sharp, Where is that flying ball of fur The years have shown their mark. It will truely be a struggle I don't know how I'll face each day, I have to let him go--I know But in my heart she'll always stay. This special place our Lord has made Health and strength, wait for him there, So with my very special friend I'm sending all my prayers.
  3. OHH june so sorry to hear about this all our thoughts are with you Kirstinxx
  4. Yes i think he likes the grunge look he see's saul in his ripped jeans and wants to copy
  5. oh oh thought of another one i love my parrots but it bugs me when billy thinks my ears need preening really well
  6. Ilove my parrots but it bugs me when the soaps are on and they decide its time to have a lets see who can shout loudest competition
  7. Alfie is doing really well in the not actually plucking his feathers out and is settling in really really well. but boy is he a noisy bugger . Now we seem to have a problem of him not being able to groom himself properly. He is over enthusiastic and this seems to result in his feathers being very unruly and looking a bit of a mess. Any ideas could this be from the hand rearing proccess and him not being taught correctly? He has nipped all his flight feathers that appear and the smaller wing feathers dont seem to be growing back he has a very bald couple of wings. any ideas guys how can i teach him to be more gentle fith himself?
  8. If you read the whole of the thread you would see they wanted to buy unweaned baby parrots. This is not only illegal but immoral too. david was absolubtly correct in banning them this sort of behavior cannot be tolerated.
  9. here here yorkie lass i know one person who has put a hell of alot of info on there. it has the potential to be a great site where all sides of a story are listened to
  10. Hi Kerry im sure you will love your big birdy when you get him but boy is Alfie loud he has had an hour tonight of shouting ow ow ow oh that hurts because when august bites us (august is our pup) we shout ow to ake her stop Alfie has learnt ow now and shouts as loud as he can as well as ring ring hello mutter mutter mutter so so funny.
  11. alfies story is not one of neglect He was bought from a bird shop in northampton the new owners took him in and after a couple of months he started plucking. they didnt know what to do so thought the best thing would be to hand hime over to a rescuer. Saul gave them all the advice he could and after a couple of weeks the rescuer thought Saul would be the best person to take on his care I think and so does saul that it has a lot to do with the handrearing he has had and not enough attention Scince being with us he seems to have come out of himself he is a real mans bird though and goes to saul on command he cant fly yet as the previous owner clipped his wings (doesnt help with plucking) he wont have anyone touch him anywhere but his head. we have changed his diet given him loads of distraction toys and are using a spray of cyder vinegar and water twice aday which he hates but it seems to be doing the job. He is the cleverest Grey i have ever seen he came knowing a few words but now is getting more everyday saul has taught him shake hands he picked this up in two days he started to get this as a follow on to step up and so saul could check his feet. We are so happy with him and we see more feathers every day. when we see him have a pluck we tell him and he looks at us as if to say "What me nah it wasnt me im a good boy.) then gives a really loud wolf whistle
  12. Hi Guys havnt been on for a while had lots happening we have rehomed an african grey!! he is a little plucker and when he came he was virtually bold his name is alfie and is a true diamond. these are the photos of him in the first week with us and some from where he came from. [image]http://i908.photobucket.com/albums/ac289/saulpaddiperson/IMG_1526.jpg[/image][image]http://i908.photobucket.com/albums/ac289/saulpaddiperson/IMG_1525.jpg[/image][image]http://i908.photobucket.com/albums/ac289/saulpaddiperson/IMG_1527.jpg[/image] these are the latest pics he is hardly plucking atall I know this is a long road we are on with alfie but so far so good. I think the major difference we have made with alfie is a change in diet on vetinary advice we have gone from a fruit and kaytee diet to a fruit veg and seed diet. Ps billy is great he is having a holiday at my brothers who has three parrots and billy loves it but it was the only way i could sort out anykind of quarantine as i dont know the full history of alfie i didnt want to take any risks.
  13. WOWWEEE what a cracking place to hear of if only more would follow suit
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