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  1. Gem, You are a complete stranger and the first time you "speak" about me it's to call me a "sh*t". I would never call a stranger any names or be so insulting just because I disagree with them. hilton, There have been many improvements in the last two years, you won't recognise it when you visit next year! The most obvious improvements are the new aviaries giving more space for the birds to fly, loads more space than they would get in a house.
  2. When did you visit? Every time I go there I see some improvement or other. A lot of the parrots are in new aviaries, the african grey enclosure is now huge and cockatoos have a new aviary. There are also other new aviaries, all in the last year.
  3. Just catching up on a few posts. Gem. You said and also in another post called me a . Do you know me? No. I would love to meet you now though. Try saying that to my face. It's easy to pontificate from behind a computer screen, some of the posters on this thread forget they are speaking to/about real people.
  4. I have not mentioned a cockatoo! My comments were referring to the quoted post. That sounds like a threat. I would politely suggest that it is you who should be considering libel, not me. I am not the one making these accusations on a public forum. Really? You wouldn't think that reading some of these posts!
  5. From what I've read, far from pressing for improvements for "these birds" you are doing the opposite. You seem to be whipping up outrage on a forum instead off offering help to the NPS. You are writing to a PERSON here! Is that how you speak to people you disagree with? None of this is based on FACT! Have you heard of LIBEL? Here's a link to a definition: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Libel_(disambiguation) Libel is: It would be very sad if NPS staff had to take a libel case against any of you that slag them off rather than CARE FOR THE BIRDS.
  6. Yes of course. I've posted on here because the original post and some of the following comments read like a kind of witch hunt rather than a bunch of parrot lovers. It just seems to me that the best way to help any parrots anywhere is to voice the concerns to those responsible. I don't see that a thread like this and the calling in of various inspections etc. is in the best interest of the parrots as it takes time away that could be better used caring for them. I have seen huge improvements over the past 18 months and I do mean huge. There has been continual building of new aviaries and expansion and improvement of existing ones and it's clear to me the staff really care for the parrots. In the end these parrots are much better off at the NPS than for instance living on their own in a small cage while people are out all day. I'm sure any perceived shortcomings can be pointed out to staff in person in an amicable way so that the aim of all (most) of us ie. to get the best care for parrots can be achieved. Now I'm going to eat. (Damn the internet!)
  7. Hi, I'm not in a position to reply on behalf of the NPS as I am not part of their staff or organisation in any way. I haven't seen that so can't comment on it. On the http://www.parrotsanctuary.co.uk/Sanctuary/History.htm it says Steve Nichols has experience from 1994 of charitable work when he was visiting children's hospices with parrots. His background always seems to be one of caring for parrots and people.
  8. Hi, I have made a few visits over the past 18 months as I get a season ticket. I'm sure if there is a wasp problem the zoo will be sorting it out. If you saw something you thought was a problem did you tell one of the staff members? They might have been enjoying it and that's great isn't it? They also enjoy living with their own kind and finding mates and having the choice.
  9. I am nothing to do with NPS. It's offensive to label me as a "stooge", I am seriously concerned about parrot welfare and have only seen good at the NPS.
  10. Isn't that to do with people, not parrots?. There is a big difference to anyone spotting potential entry points and the facts as to how the zoo is actually run and what they do about it. The "report" is based as far as I can see on one visit and Mr. G does not have access to information on how the zoo is run. (Except for public report.) The way the zoo is portrayed is grossly over-exaggerated for effect. NPS is run by someone who has been caring for parrots for years and set up "Parrot Line" to help other owners. He now has years of experience specifically to do with parrots and the fact he was a builder couldn't be more useful in expanding the zoo. I've no idea if he has other qualifications and I still don't know what Mr. G's actual qualifications are to do with parrot care. I find it hard to match the demeaning comments made about NPS with the reality I saw when I visited.
  11. What professional qualifications does he have that are relevant? On his website he calls himself and says He words it as "human behaviour" first. I would like to know what he was studying and at what level. Also the '80s are 25 years ago! I am concerned that he can write such derrogatory things about NPS as I found it to be a happy environment for birds and thought they were extremely well cared for. (I have no connection with NPS, just an alarmed visitor.)
  12. Hi, I have been to the parrot zoo a few times over the past year and spent a full day there each time. I am dismayed at the comments on here. I am an animal and bird lover and would be the first to complain if I thought a parrot was being mistreated. At the National Parrot Sanctuary it is not the case. Please, before believing what is written here take a deep breath. The first post is made up of a lot of supposition. Mentioning rats & mice conjures up an image which is what was intended. The poster did not say he saw them! Photos are notoriously easy to manipulate. It is easy to make out something is bad, for a start they all have cage wires in front of them. The photos do not show the full aviaries or conditions. To single out the cockatoo in the cage near the entrance is misleading. I have seen this bird and it does not stay there all day and is also taken out of the cage by staff at intervals. Birds like this in the zoo get far more attention than ones in private houses where their owners leave them on their own to go to work, shopping etc. I have found the zoo environment to be a happy one. The parrots that enjoy company of humans as part of their day will come over when you go near. Most of them choose not to! They are inquisitive and will come over for a chat, that doesn't mean they prefer human company. I see the author of this unofficial report makes money out of consultancy and writing about parrots. I sense a huge ulterior motive here for him to gain publicity to boost his own income. It's a shame he is not supporting the NPS in it's great ongoing expansion and brilliant work instead of jeopardising the lives and wellbeing of the parrots by instigating unnecessary RSPCA and zoo checks. The RSPCA would be better spending its time on other animals in far, far worse conditions. The author in my opinion does an enormous dis-service to parrots with this report, which appears to be from one visit (of how long?) that he made on one occasion.
  13. I totally agree Lorna. I would have voted YES but cannot vote now. It's also easy to manipulate numbers on a forum with multiple names.
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