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  1. Hi Val, so sorry for your loss. I'm in agreement with the others in that he is probably missing your hubby, that coupled with the fright has probably made him more subdued. I also wondered if he had been stung. Try doing as jaybirds suggests and if things don't improve quickly I'd suggest a trip to the vet.
  2. Wow! Imagine finding one of these guys in your garden - or anywhere for that matter! I wouldn't mind fostering one for a short while
  3. I only found out this last week from a vet that a classic sign of sickness in a bird is when they put their heads under their wing. As I read through this thread and saw the little guy was doing that I wasn't too surprised by the outcome. You did all you could for him and he died in a peaceful environment. Sad ending though.
  4. Hi Len an Bronco, welcome to the forum, we have all been there before and had a first time on a site/forum/computer. Chill, the natives are friendly lol
  5. A little absent mindedness or distraction is all it takes. Just because it hasn't happened to you yet doesn't mean it never will. What I find annoying is those who have been warned and stump up with the excuse "my bird sits on my shoulder outside quite happily, he wouldn't dream of taking flight" "no??? Not yet you mean!"
  6. I find these clips to be pretty useless tbh, I've never considered the safety aspect but they come apart so easily I've stopped buying them.
  7. Thanks for the birthday greetings Sue and Marion.
  8. A lot of members with 3+ parrots, very brave (and expensive) me I have just the 2 and that's plenty lol
  9. Yes I've also heard about breadmakers being dodgy but it could be only when new.
  10. I have heard that one of the hidden dangers with teflon coated items such as the george forman and other similar devices is with their first use when new, that is when the most dangerous fumes are given off. I recently bought a new iron and although it said on the box it had a ceramic plate, it looks to me like it has a coating. I have been doing the ironing with the back door wide open. I guess it will be ok after I've been using it for a while. You really can't be too careful and BS I don't think you are being paranoid at all, well no more than me anyway.
  11. LOL this has made me laugh this morning and that isn't easy to do mornings LOL brilliant! You did the only logical thing LOL
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