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  1. Miaco510, I drove from Scotland so didn't leave because it was too cold. The reason we got off our backsides and took time to visit was to see for ourselves then show / tell people what we found. We weren't looking for a confrontation or damning evidence against NPS or SN. I think we brought a realistic view with some positive feedback to a public forum for debate and you're back to focusing on the petty stuff.
  2. I was the other one to go along so apologies for taking so long to post - it was a long and tiring trip but worthwhile. Huge thanks to the others for all their efforts in getting there too. It was a good day and great to meet up. I can only really echo what the others have said. We gather improvements have been made since some of the early reports so can only comment on what we found and for me it wasn't half as bad as I'd expected. The enclosures were a decent size, conditions were clean and they had access to shelter, clean water and food. It was upsetting to see first hand but only because of the sheer number of birds involved. Many of them were squabbling between themselves for your attention and it was heartbreaking to hear them mimic their old environments but it was also incredible to hear so many "natural" noises from them too. Yes, it would have been great to see a little interaction between staff and the birds for example but we went at peak visiting time on a Saturday and there was only a handful of other visitors there so it's hardly a money spinner. We'd all like to think we could find the perfect forever home if we had to but we're talking about a perfect world where only people who know what they are getting into would take a parrot on in the first place. Sad fact is that places like this are necessary and would be far better off for the sake of the birds they are responsible for if they have the support from people who care about making it even better.
  3. You must have a working kitchen - mine is more of an inconvenient use of space tagged onto the lounge - and who would think you could be too clean?! Happy christmas shopping for your cuties. :-)
  4. June, you are an angel to bring this up again and as some of us know you can never be OTT with these guys. You don't want to be left with if only thoughts once they've gone. I thought I was doing the right thing using 'natural' cleaners downstairs but I too had the hallway plug-in and didn't think twice about using aerosols or bleach elsewhere in the house. Leading on from this, can I please ask you all what your views are on birds being kept in open-plan kitchen come sitting rooms please? I've read loads of posts where people are dead against this and yet lots of birdies are pictured in kitchens. You see, this is where my boy was kept. It was the hub of the house and where he was guaranteed the fullest of attention, access to the best windows etc. All pans etc are stainless steel, not that they ever get much use and on the rare occasion they do the extractor thingy is on & windows open. Zanussi confirmed there were no non-stick linings on the cooker. I will look to rehome in the future so would appreciate all/any thoughts. Thanks
  5. Many photos show the birds' interaction or feeding revolving around those unshelled monkey nuts which again I think was one of the original concerns though.
  6. Sorry Peter but I'm struggling to keep up with the quotes, what guess was wrong? Lolita88, the pictures show very beautiful and what appear to be healthy birds but appearances can be deceptive, whatever side you are coming from, and these pictures do not show the overall conditions they are kept in, that's all I meant.
  7. But Peter, part of the original argument/thread was that not all of these guys left at the sanctuary/zoo will be wild or flock animals. Rightly or wrongly, regardless of personal opinions, that is a sad fact. Not all will adapt and a true sanctuary would cater for the needs of the individual bird.
  8. Gem, it should only take a few minutes to download the software but to be honest there is really nothing to see from them. Again, sorry Peter, I'm not having a pop.
  9. Peter, you're really asking the wrong person having just lost my timneh of 15 years when he seemed perfectly happy, heathly and in good condition, which is why I feel the need for education at all levels is sooo important. I'm trying to be impartial here so must ask, were these professional photos taken by an independent or on behalf of the NPS? As many have already said, photographs can be cropped etc so this really tells me nothing. We've all the seen the good with the quite frankly horrific too. I'm something like a 6 hour drive away from the sanctuary but would love to get this debate cleared up with, as some have suggested, making a group visit.
  10. Peter, please don't quote me. I'm not talking about the standards at NPS - I have an opinion but you'll note that I haven't commented having never been there. As many others have said, this should be about the welfare of the birds. Again, without getting into the whole breeding debate, it's a sad fact that the fate of many birds, for whatever reason, will be left to these "sanctuaries". The minimum standards I'm talking about, and this goes way back to page 5 of the thread, are the ones set by the licensing authority and the like.
  11. Guys, am I missing a new thread that maybe led on from here? This was about the welfare of the birds and if minimum standards are not good enough, which I think we're all agreed they're not, then we need to at least try to make a difference. If there is a new thread with suggestions or an update from any of the organisations that have been contacted to date, can someone please let me know where to find this. If there is something I can be doing then can someone please drop me a pm and I'll gladly let you have my home contact details.
  12. Oh, that's rotten. Wish I'd thought about it properly much sooner but good to hear you've new homes on offer.
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