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  1. mumsaccount567


    Our monthly premium has gone from £17 to £25 !
  2. mumsaccount567

    Heanor avian vet

    We use Craig Hunt at chine house in Sileby
  3. mumsaccount567

    Reptile owners, please

    Contact LND Exotics they should be able to help
  4. mumsaccount567

    Parrot insurance

    Golden Valley here as well
  5. mumsaccount567

    Mummy to Too's

    Hi and welcome.We also have a Moluccan,a joy to own..i mean a joy to be owned by )
  6. mumsaccount567

    Buckley House,Hucknall

    Looking at their web site I dont think they are Avian vets
  7. mumsaccount567

    Help needed in nottingham

    You have a message
  8. mumsaccount567

    Sudden Death

    Any news from the pm yet ?
  9. mumsaccount567

    Sudden Death

    Am so sorry to hear,hope the pm results show up the reason why.
  10. mumsaccount567


    Golden Valley here as well.No problems with any claims that we've had to make.Very nice people to deal with.
  11. mumsaccount567

    B&G macaw; from 'experienced' breeder.

    Such a sad story,I hope all ends well for the macaw.shame breeders/pet shops like this can't be named and shamed
  12. mumsaccount567

    cockatoo and macaws

    An air filter might help as well
  13. mumsaccount567

    Guy Fawkes Night - fireworks and bonfires

    was just about to put our greys out in the aviary Saturday 11am..Bloody kids next door setting off fireworks in their garden !
  14. mumsaccount567

    African Grey Plucking

    One of our greys was far worse than this,and had a clean bill of health from an avian vet !Poor thing looked like an oven ready chicken.and was so unhappy looking,wouldnt play...Its been a long time,Two years later he is finally looking almost normal ( still no red tail feathers)He is now indoors in a small cage for bedtime and outside in the avairy with our other grey throughout the day.We tried everything it was heartbreaking to see him so unhappy,his previous owners didnt have time for him ,was obvious that the mother in the family was frightened by him,then they decided to emigrate. its so good to see him playing and is now looking happy,he eats almost everything ,now enjoys being sprayed.From my experiance Id say dont expect things to happen overnight,but when they do ...Its great