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  1. I'm so sorry i have upset you all. I don't like the way some of you have said to just chuck him out as we have a good relationship we have been through hell and back with my daughter which most men would probably walk away from but he is my rock through it all and we have to go through it all over again for her 6th brain op her surgeon in Paris died so now we have to have it done over here with a surgeon who hasn't been doing long. Stress of everything has been getting to us and yes as much as i love my parrots that was another problem Molly hated Wayne would attack him she jumped on his neck and wouldn't let go then bit his hand and he was bleeding quite a bit from it she would screech when ever he talked to me she was jealous, of course i saw it differently because she loved me so much i could do anything with her and KiKo, and Kiko did like wayne. Anyway i just came on here to say the Lady rang me today and was telling me they have settled in really well Molly is non stop saying hello, also really likes her she is going to give me updates but she said she know's how much i love my parrots and how i must miss them (i did right a 3 page letter) but they are going to get the best of the best and they are very happy. After speaking to her i feel much better. Yes i miss them we did speak about rehoming them but i think it all happened so quickly that i wasn't ready for it. This isn't a controlling, abusive, aggressive relationship, as much as i love my birds (and i really do) im not going to throw away my partner of 11 yrs out and break my kids hearts because of this, how do you explain to a child with special needs her daddy has gone because we rehomed Molly and Kiko?? i'm not saying this in a bad way (the computer doesn't always come across the right way you mean it to) just trying to make you understand my stituation and things in life arent always that simple. I'm happy they are in a good home and that the lady is going to keep in touch. I never thought this would happen but it has and i can't change that now. Thanks for caring and sorry for upsetting you all. Ali xxxx
  2. Ok i have spoken to him not sure if i can say this but he owns Den marketing he owns the company who designs and makes cages and loves animal. He wants them for his home and has asked me to write everything down about them for him likes/dislikes and he will give updates. I feel a bit better also still a little sad.
  3. Jebirds thats my worry i really don't want them spilt up. I'm going to ask him from the guys phone number to speak to him or his wife. He doesn't work in a pet shop he owns some place that sale cages to shops.
  4. To be honest things haven't been great, but i have 3 children 1 of which is disabled and is having her 6th brain op this year and i think she needs both her parents. I can't get through it all on my own. I love him and i know he love's me i just don't think he see's things the same as me. I love animals , i'm a veggie and i have always said the animals we have are part of the family and once they are here they are here for good, i think he just see's them as animals.
  5. He is just not listening.I said i'm not handing them over to him until i speak with him and make sure i think they are going to a good home and his answer was please don't embrass me. So now someone else is going to pick them up and take them to this guy so i wont get to question him. I'm so upset and angry i have to pick up my daughter from school now and my eyes are all red and swollen where i have been crying so much. I put a post on preloved pets as i herd him talking to a pet shop yesterday and saying how much he wanted for them so i put the same amount on the advert so i could at least be in control of finding them a good home i wont just sell them to anyone , me myself would give them to someone if i knew they where going to the right person but my partner is different so thats why i put the same amount so i could try to change his mind and let me find them a home. looks like i have lost, i just pray and hope that what he has told me it true and they are going to a good person who will love them and look after them. Ali
  6. If you read my last post on here i was telling you about the problems i have had with my partner and Molly. Well i have tried hard to make it work believe me. But my partner has just phoned me to say his found a home for Molly and Kiko and they are going tomorrow. Im so angry and so upset i don't know who this person is if they are going to look after them right i'm so stressed about the whole thing. My partner has said he is a onwer of a place that sells cages and so he isn't going to take their double cage as he has a big cage for them and he knows him and he is a really nice guy. But i don't b****y know him and for all i know he could be taking them anywhere. I don't know what to do but it's all out of my hands. I'm so upset. We have spoken about rehoming them but i wanted to find them a home so i knew who they were going to and try to make sure they are going to be looked after well. I'm so upset :cry: Ali xxx
  7. Thanks for the advice. We don't have another room to put them in and i have them out all day untill bedtime i don't like to see them caged up and my partner works from home. He does give her a lot of the treats but she will either go for his finger/hand or demolish it as if to say look what damage i can do! I will try not to laugh at her being naughty in future and maybe put her in as punishment, though i feel a bit sorry for Kiko because he doesn't like being without Molly and will get distressed if she goes in without him. David Molly is at the top with her wings slightly out kiko's at the bottom.
  8. This is the thing David we don't know, Molly was sold to us as a female and we aren't sure about Kiko looks like a male but i know you can't tell by looking at them Molly is alway getting a bit not sure how to put it but like she wants to mate with kiko or even me but Kiko is not intrested and sometimes bites her on her privites. I tried to get a DNA test done but found it hard to pull out the feathers. Molly has always been aggressive with my partner i think she has gained a lot of confidence lately. Wayne has tried hard to be nice to her and tries to win her round with treats etc and she will act like she is going for the food/treat and then really quickly go for his hand.
  9. I love Molly and Kiko very much and they are both friendly with me and towards eachother but Molly HATES Wayne my partner. It's got to the point that if he walks past her cage or goes near it she actually runs and lunges at him, i thought it was quite funny but the other day she jumped on him and bit his neck and she wouldn't let go, wayne tried to get her off and she bit his hand. She has now got loads of confidence! kiko likes Wayne but if Wayne goes to talk or stroke him Molly will bite kiko or try to go for Wayne. Yet with me she is lovely, i know that Molly's last owner had the same problem she hated the lady's husband but loved the lady to bits. Wayne is now saying he wants to sell the parrots. I can understand as i wouldn't like it if it was happening to me but i love them, i think i would miss them too much and worry if they were being looked after probably and if they would be kept together because they love eachother. I really don't know what to do. Ali xxx
  10. suebarrass- yep they do Wayne came in and showed me sorry i can be quite scatty at times!! Dura i wish i had practiced handling and examination routines, Molly will go on my arm if she fly off the perch, but im a bit worried about doing it while she is on me. I have tried with the tweezers offering them food then quickly go in to pluck a feather but i don't think im pulling hard enough as they aren't coming out. Poor babies now every time i go near them they know im up to something and will let me have a few strokes but there is 2 of them and if i stoke Molly Kiko is there watching over to protect her and vise versa. I have thought about putting one in the cage and leave the one i want to pluck out but not sure it will work. Have asked Wayne to do it as Molly doesn't like him anyway but he wont as she wont let him get anywhere near her and he doesn't want to upset Kiko as he/she likes him. might have to try and pull them out with my hands so i will let you know how it goes (that's if i have any fingers left) Ali xxx
  11. I have received the DNA sexing kit, but all i got was a letter saying how they do the testing and where to pluck the feathers from and to put 3-4 feathers in the plastic bag and attach the identification number to it. First question is- when they say identification number do they mean the ring number? because Molly has a ring but Kiko doesn't so if that's what they mean not sure what i should put? Also a little worried about plucking their feathers, has any one got any advice about the best way to do it. I was thinking of getting some tweezers and quickly sneaking up on them and plucking. I have tried ringing Avian Biotech but no one answered so guess they don't work on Sundays. Thanks Ali xxx
  12. LOL their going to think i've turned into a health freak now!!
  13. Thanks Louise i'm going to print it off. Trouble- Thanks for the recipes, can't wait to do Tescos now and try out all these foods!
  14. Im a veggi so i guess i do eat quite healthy and like all those sort of foods but do eat a lot of quorn. Thanks for that i will try it. I was actually thinking of buying The Healthy Birds Cook Book, not sure how good it is though.
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