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  1. They was stolen from a house breaking,and they were being handreared.Hope they get caught.
  2. Add from preloved has been taken of now.
  3. Seems to have gone of line with no reply to my question,funny that.
  4. Can you explain why you have this bird for sale on preloved,and you have just reduced the price to £300 ono.Something does not add up.
  5. Hi Kris Would like a pair of the blue amazons he has. Quess would have to remorgage the house for them.
  6. riga

    greater vasa's

    Good luck matty,will keep fingers crossed for you.
  7. Thanks gary, We have just bought 2 bullmastiff pups,hope fully this will help when they get bigger.
  8. This is the third time i have been targeted,if it wasnt for the new metal shutter system that i had fitted to all doors and windows they would have got the lot.
  9. Cameras were on but the men had hoods on and the lens of cctv had been sprayed over.
  10. Just been woken up by alarms sounding off 3.55am,alarm box had been removed from wall.Luckely they did not get passed metal shutters before i got out there,please all be vigilant at the moment as there is a gang of thieves targeting this area. Area is kent.
  11. Send a email to loro parque and ask if you can go on a trip to there breeding centre,there will be a charge for this but well worth the visit.
  12. Hi Mike How much would you expect to pay for second hand curfew brooder.
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