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  1. Hi all I was hoping for a little help here, currently we mainly feed our Amazon on seed food with occasional pieces of fruit & salad but from reading I can see that this diet is not good enough, I was hoping people on here could list there weekly diet plan i.e what foods, how much and what days they feed there Amazons so other users like me can get a rough idea of what and how much of it we should be feeding our amazons, many thanks.
  2. Cheers mate food for thought there I have already stted I would employ professionals ?
  3. I dont personaly but I would be looking to employ somebody that does have that experiece
  4. Your probably right about the breeding part, the birds that are donated to the sanctuary would not be bred or on view to the public I was hoping to setup maybe a type of parrot hospital where troubled parrots could see out the rest of there lifes.
  5. Hi all I have just got back from Skegness for a weekend break, today we visited parrotzoo in Lincolnshire and what a great place it is we enjoyed visit very much, me and my partner are looking at new business ventures and walking around parrotzoo today made us think how wonderfull it would be if we could open a simillar place but obviously on a smaller scale to start off. We live in the B63 West Midlands area and there is nothing like this local to us, I was hoping that you guys could give me some advise and ideas on things you would like to see and things I should consider before trying to draw up a business plan. Things that we would like Parrot homing for disabled or unwanted problem parrots Parrot breeding and sales (home visits may be required for protential buyers A place for owners to leave there parrots whilst on holiday Guided tours for schools, youth clubs etc A place for the public to pay and view interact with the parrots A shop offering parrot food toys, cages, etc maybe a website with online sales ? Could we get a grant or open a charity to help the birds with problems that cant be rehomed, maybe do an sponsor a parrot program
  6. Cheers and well noted just need to try and convince the missis of this as she has her heart set on one and thinks she can get one for less than £1k Is this the case for all Macaws ? What about Harlequin Macaw`s are they as expensive ?
  7. Didn't realise they was that expensive, I have seen babies for less than £1k
  8. Hi all just after a bit of info to be honest, I already have a BF Amazon and he his brill Marley his name is but me and the missis would really like a Hyacinth Macaw but was just after a bit more info. What size cage would be ideal ? Do they require any special needs or are they any different to look after than my Marley ? Do they require a special diet ? Can anyone give me details on breeders of the Hyacinth Macaw ?
  9. What a lovely memorial, sorry for your loss, be strong
  10. Hi, you may be aware by Reading my other threads that we are torn between getting an BF Amazon of African Grey, I think we are leaning towards an BF Amazon due to the fact they are more sociable than the African Grey which a lot of people are saying they are a one person bird, so can you guys recomend any BF Amazon breeders to me preferbarly in the midlands area, cheers all.
  11. very good idea I have seen this place on the net and we have mentioned going soon
  12. Cheers for all your replies, the only reason I want to go to a shop is just to view the parrots I would never buy a parrot from 90% of the shops and when I do choose the parrot most suited to our needs I will defo go to a reccomended breeder. Today we spent a couple of hours talking to Rob from http://www.midlandparrots.com and viewing his parrots he has about 12 of his own and he also looks after customers parrots whilst they go on holiday he was extremelly helpful and gave us loads of advise we have never met the bloke before but I can't reccomend him enough he has got some lovely birds and he his going to contact some of his breeders and let me know what's availabe.
  13. Hi all me and my wife are looking to purchase our first parrot in the coming weeks we have narrowed the search down to BF Amazon, Eclectus Parrot or African Grey but the problem is we cant find any shops in our area which stocks these birds for us to go and have a look and see which one we prefer can you guys help us out here, do any of you know of any good shops in our area or any breeders who will have these type of parrots in, many thanks.
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