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  1. Thanks everyone, I should also point out what a great job Gary (and his family) did in hand rearing Jake. I wanted a hand reared bird as a house pet and I'm sure I couldn't have got a friendlier or tamer bird from any other breeder. It's thanks to Gary that Jake is the way he is.
  2. She loves him. She won’t go to bed now without giving him a kiss first. It took a couple of goes to get the clip, as every time I get the camera out he thinks it's the best toy he's ever seen. It's a little compact camera and when you turn it on, the lens comes out and it has a cover, which opens up automatically to protect the lens. The lens cover is now history, as is the silver surround. Oh well it was the wife’s camera and it still works. lol
  3. Hi all, I know how you all like photos, but I didn't think they did Jake much justice. I took a little video of him playing with my daughter the other day which shows how playful and tame he actually is. He can play quite rough, and for those that don't know Caiques and how they play, I put a caption stating that he can fly very well, in the hope that people will understand that he is enjoying what is happening. Please see the link in my signature.
  4. On reading my previous post it does sound a bit biased, and it probably is. lol I should have also said that Caiques are not renowned for being great talkers, so if it’s a talking bird you want, maybe don't get a Caique. Also because of their high energy and playfulness they need a large cage with lots of toys, so it wont be any cheaper to get set-up. Hope that balances out my biasness.
  5. I will start by saying I haven't had much experience with different species of parrots, so my advice is maybe not as valid as a lot of members here who have. I’ve recently gone through what you are going through now. I spent a long time deciding which was the best species for my situation. I did loads of research and asked lots of people lots of questions before deciding on a Caique. I chose one for the following reasons:- · They are a smaller bird and therefore not as messy or destructive as some of the larger species, plus they are not so intimidating to young children. (I would rather take a bite from a Caique than a Cockatoo) · Although they can make quite a bit of noise, they are not considered as noisy as a lot of other species. · They don't produce as much feather dust as many other species. · They don't have a reputation of being a one-person bird. · Although they are small, they have very big personalities, love to cuddle, and are full of character and intelligence. · They are attractive colourful birds. · They are happy to play by themselves when provided with lots of space and toys and are not as prone to feather plucking as many other species. To summarise, you get all the benefits of a large intelligent parrot without a lot of the disadvantages. I've recently got myself a Black Headed Caique from a breeder on this forum, and what a great pet he’s turning out to be. Good luck with your decision.
  6. I have a hand reared Caique, he's very friendly, he will play and wrestle with me or my children all day long. He's a great flyer. Not only does he fly to get where he wants, but he also flies around the house for fun. I read before I got him that they prefer to hop and climb rather than fly, but that has not been my experience.
  7. I'm not sure about all TK Max stores stocking them, I must have just been lucky. I went to town with the intention of getting some bird safe non-stick pans and to be honest I didn't really have high hopes of finding any. TK Max was the first shop I came to, and I found the Green Pans. They were just what I was looking for. I got a full set of pans, big, medium, small, and a wok all in the same Boston range, and they work brilliantly.
  8. I'm surprised at how much Jake is flying, from what I read, Caiques prefer to walk, hop, and climb to get anywhere. Jake will fly from my living room through the dining room and into the kitchen to get to me. That's through doors and round corners and he's only a baby. I haven't seen him hop once yet. In fact he won’t go on the floor at all, anything below waist height and he flies up.
  9. Silas


    We have just come back from Birch Heath Vets in Tarporley this morning just for a check up. The lady was nice and she said Jake is perfect. He had his nails buffed as they were like little needles, I have little cuts all over my hands from them. I've brought him into work with me today straight from the vets and he's loving it. He has the freedom of my office. The vet has told me to get him on a pellet diet and has given me a small bag of "Harrison's High Potency Fine Diet" she said he will be healthier and live longer if I replace the seed with it. She said I should still give him his usual choice of fruit and veg every day. What do you guys think?
  10. Silas


    Pic's, Avatar, and Signature all in the one day (thanks to the great how-to thread). I took some of him on the lounge mirror as that seems to be his favourite place to be. I can't keep him off it. I say no, in my most stern voice, get him back down, and he flies right back up. He's been sleeping up there while I was watching the Moto GP. All this talk of being firm with him is not as easy as it sounds. lol
  11. Silas


    Wow, I think that worked. lol I will try to do my Avatar as well, I'm on a roll.
  12. Silas


    Right, first of all let me just say that I hate computers. On that note lets give this a go. http://s864.photobucket.com/albums/ab210/Cockney-Silas/?albumview=slideshow
  13. Silas


    I have a Montana Adelaide cage and the food dishes are quite large so I guess he will do the same when he gets into the world of personal hygiene. All things considered at nearly 15 weeks without a bath he doesn’t smell too bad.
  14. Silas


    Thanks Ruby, I'll check out that thread. He has been eating well, both his seeds and fruit and is doing great, I will keep a close eye on his drinking. I will try him with both spray and bath, it was more a question of when. How soon should I try him with either. Is it too soon with everything being new to him, should I wait a few days to try it?
  15. Now Jake has settled in a bit I took a few photos this morning and will endeavour to post them up soon. Remarkably I have somehow managed to potty train him already, although not with the desired location. He only seems to go when he's sitting on me. lol I have a couple of questions though, I haven't seen him drink any water yet, do they drink very often? Also what's the best way to introduce him to baths? Because he's so new and still getting used to the new people and house, I don't want to scare him before I've built up his trust. Pics to follow.
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