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  1. We have a Goffin and although not very big, wow they hurt when they bite ! Charlie drew blood several times when we first got him, but the most painful one had to be when he bit the soft inside of my upper arm one day. I actually cried. It left a cracking bruise too. We've had him now for over 4 years and he's a different bird. He still has screaming tantrums from time to time, usually when I'm on the phone but he's not violent any more. I have to quote my friend who had a U2 before she was sadly stolen. She said her bird was like a homicidal toddler with ADD. Extremely dangerous. People come and see Charlie and how loving he is, but if anyone says they'd like one, I have to tell them.. no, just don't. As comical, beautifull, and full of personality as they are, there are other birds far more suited to family life out there. Just my 2p worth
  2. After the traumatic posts in Lost and Found on Friday I thought it was time I introduced myself properly lol. My name is Diane, and along with my hubby Andy we live in South Bucks. We are the proud 'parents' of Charlie a very naughty, attention seeking Goffin (is there any other kind?) and his friend Lola (now nicknamed Houdini) a female Vos Ekkie. Charlie is 8 years old. We had him from a friend 5 years ago who told us he was female, but after going to Beck's Barn not too long after we had him, I noticed on a pair of Mollucans that the female's eyes were brown. I was convinced he was a boy, but to be 100% sure we had a DNA test done and it proved I was right he's a boy ! It was a very steep curve learning about him and his needs, to start with he was very difficult and bitey, but we persevered and now he's a very sweet, mischievous boy and we love him very much. Lola we bought after a visit to Stafford. We met her breeder there a little old lady from London who was very nice and just had a couple of pairs in her garden. We went to her house a few weeks later and met Lola and a disabled male Ekkie she had in her lounge. Lola was parent reared and very well socialised. She has a lovely sweet temperament and at 3 years old says a few words. We also have 2 Chinchillas, a black velvet called Frisbee and her daughter Poppy a standard. We also had dad, a hetero beige called Rosco until the beginning of the year when we sadly lost him. We've been breeding pedigree British Shorthair cats since 1995, but are slowly winding that down. My dream has always been to own a Greenwing, but we have neighbours, and as tolerant and great as they are, I don't want to push my luck ! I've spent tons of time on this forum already, and it's an absolute mine of information. I look forward to getting to know you all.
  3. Thanks everyone Yes I'm definitely sticking around ! We have plans to build a birdy play area after seeing the fabulous one that Willow has, and in the future we'd love to give a home to a rescue. So it's wonderful to know there such amazing people as you guys on hand for help and support.
  4. Charlie, for the first time since I uncovered him, is quietly playing with his toys. He was so upset this morning.. Lola was gone, her cage was gone, Mummy was in tears, Daddy was doing the 'she wants me to fix it but i don't know how to' irritated thing that men do sometimes when we're upset Lola is alternating between stuffing her face, preening and the odd few minutes of shut-eye.
  5. I just went out to look for her again, went over to the tree I last saw her in to check again, and as i was walking along to the next one calling her name, I saw something fall out of the big green tree further along, out of the corner of my eye. I couldn't see what it was, thought it was a cat or something but went over to investigate. Lola was sitting at the bottom of the tree trunk looking at me. I talked to her and picked her up, holding her close to me like I'd hold a kitten. Usually she hates being held close like that, but she was quiet as a mouse and held onto my tshirt with her beak. I went round the back and put her in her cage which was on the patio and managed to get it back indoors (it weighs a ton!) She's now preening like mad. She's probably exhausted poor thing. Thank you all, SO much for your help and support. I can't tell you how brilliant you all are. I truly hope those of you with still missing birdy babies get them back soon, I truly do, and for everyone else with feathery kids, please, please check every day their place is secure. I wouldn't wish the last 16 hours on anyone. xx
  6. Not really, the only thing she has on a daily basis particularly is a small piece of cream cracker before bed. The rest of her food varies wildly. I do say 'beddie byes biscuit time kiddies' a lot when i put them to bed, but I'm not sure she'd associate it or remember if she's scared. Charlie our Goffin is upset, noisy and unsettled, wondering where his girlfriend has gone. I don't know what I'm going to do if she doesn't come back, the reason we got Lola in the first place was as a companion for him, and she calmed him a lot, she's a very placid natured girl. Ok I'm going to end there and go out looking for her, before I start to cry again. Thank you so much for all the support.
  7. Well i've been out since it got light and it looks as if she's gone from that tree. I heard her screeching about 3am, so something may have frightened her and she flew off. I haven't heard her calling yet and she usually starts with the odd yell around 5am. Her cage is on the patio with a bowl full of her favourite pineapple and clementine on the top, and if it stops raining later I'll put Charlie in his cage on the patio too, maybe he can shout to her..
  8. Thanks everyone, I have a question though: She's currently at the top of a tree, a tree which is impossible to get to the top of even with a ladder as it's very dense. She isn't usually a bird that is happy to fly 'to' you.. she'll climb on my shoulder from my hand, but prefers to be picked up rather than come under her own steam. The thing that worries me is that she won't fly to me from the tree. Her cage is impossible to take to her, as it's very heavy and between the house and the tree are steps and long, wet grass. Does anyone have any suggestions if this scenario happens ? I may be worrying over nothing, but I have approx 4 hours to worry before it gets light..
  9. We know where she is ! She's at the top of a 30 foot Japanese Cherry, 100 yards from the front of the house. It's too high and dense to get a ladder up to, and she might fly off in fright. We tried for ages to get her to come down, but it was getting dark and pouring with rain so we're going to wait until dawn, and try to tempt her down. I don't think she'll move from there now until morning.
  10. Thanks, I feel so terrible and guilty. We put a new A/C unit into the conservatory a few weeks ago and put the pipe out of a small top window. We put wire over the window to secure it, and hung a towel over it to stop them chewing the pipe. I went in this afternoon to play with them and Lola was missing. I moved the towel and found that one of them, probably Charlie being a naughty Goffin, had fiddled with the wire, bending it to make a hole. How he didn't get through too I have no idea. Lola is my baby, my hubby is terrified of her, but I can do anything with her. I don't know how Charlie will cope without her, they were out together all day every day and were never far from each other, they are best buds. Do they EVER just come home ? Or is it usually a case of someone spotting them ? What % of lost birds are ever found ? She's a lousy flier, I'm praying she's in someone's garden locally. We've put posters out and have one in our porch window. Tomorrow I will put one in the local shop window and the vet and will let you all know if we hear anything. Thank for the support, it's much appreciated.
  11. Lola our beautiful Vos escaped this afternoon from our conservatory. We've put her cage outside as suggested here. We live halfway between Bicester and Aylesbury in South Bucks. Anyone in the area please, please keep your eyes open. She's a vivid scarlet with a black beak and a bright yellow tip to her tail. Thank you.
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