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  1. worked for me.... i voted the bottom one 2
  2. pmsl i looked at this and though uh oh what have they got on me now.....lol :) :lol: she is lovely i want one of these but paul says they to big :(
  3. is this any good to ya Jackie....lol http://www.enjoystaffordshire.com/
  4. has to be number one for me...
  5. i will admit i have never gave it to them :oops: :oops: i always thought they were for budgies :? :? :wink: but i might give them a try and see if they like it, no doubt my B/F will tear it to shreds and just throw it on the floor :twisted: but mine do have them treat stick things the ones from pets at home that you hang on the bars, can they eat all of the millet then even the stalk bit in the middle? sorry i know it sounds a stupid question but i've never given it to them before...lol
  6. i didnt want to post cos i didnt want to look stupid:) but now you lot have said something i will agree that i too "thats a good idea ow he do that then".... looks like we were all wrong but got everyone intrested..lol those ornaments wouldnt last 2 mins in my house with fred he destroys everything...lol looks cool thou well done you
  7. my lot can say s**t they been saying it all bloody day...lol
  8. if i could vote i'd vote Eddie, he looks really sweet and innocent...lol
  9. i voted cookie..lol dont really know why but i did :)
  10. oh thats brilliant news, im so glad you got him back, and glad you got helpful neighbours, im sure if one of mine got out they would just ignore it.. WELL DONE YOUR NEIGHBOURS and WELL DONE YOU
  11. thanks forthat showgirl, i'll have to keep an eye on tiny.
  12. i got 6 cats and all they do is run when the birds come out, when we first brought the birds into our home the cats we only had 2 then were intreged (sp) so they had a little look around them but i made sure i was always around when they got close, when the other cats came along they just ignored them they havent really been the slightest bit intrested in them at all, the only thing that sits and watches them is Tiny our dog but thats only cos the birds are constantly calling him
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