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  1. Been in contact with guy and he's a waste of space, contacts you then leaves you in the lurch when offering a bird to him LEAVE well ALONE as he wouldn't be a responsible owner, if he's a rock star let him buy one.
  2. Thanks for advice, and will read up and see, she doesn't get enough time out the cage i'm afraid due to work etc, I was thinkin of letting her go to someone that could give her more attention but got shot down with the girls in the house ! Thanks Keith
  3. Hi there, our new edition has started screeching like mad and it drives me mad, is there anything you can do to stop it ? she's female and likes to come out from time to time. Thanks Keith p.s. It's like a scream crossed with a smoke alarm
  4. Well the gorgeous little girl is now ours, no one has claimed her except our kid's ! thank you all for the info given and exchanged and i'm sure we will be browsing the pages once again. Big Thanks Keith, Ali and the Kid's x
  5. Well 3 weeks today we've had this little girl and no one has claimed her, she's talkin well but we think some of it sounds foreign ? unless she's kidding us ? lol letting her out now and she seams happy landing on our heads. Keith
  6. Would have thought Knowsley would have contacted vets and rspca ? or add in the local paper, will ring tomorrow Keith
  7. Were wondering if any foreigners have lost her ? can't quite get what she's saying as it could be in another language ? doing loads of other birds and has a wicked laugh lol Keith
  8. Sorry but we found our's earlier, does anyone know if any foreigners have lost one ? can't quite get what she's saying as it could be in another language ? Keith
  9. She seems to be an outdoor bird but no local zoo or wildlife place local ? trying to find her owner as much as we possibly can but not lookin good at the mo Keith
  10. We think she's a Girl as she loves the male in the family (thats me) we named her Talulah but someone said that would be hard for her to say ? so it may be shortened to lulu ? she spoke yesterday for the first time but we couldn't quite her what she said ? it was a full sentence but she said it really low, she's said hello twice which we got. Tryin to get her some decent food as well as some naughty bit's that we eat. Thanks for askin and keep comin up with ideas please. Keith
  11. OK thanks for the reply's and the monkey nuts and sunflowers are going in the Bin, will get some decent food tomorrow. Cheers Keith
  12. Hi folks sorry just found a thread on what to feed her, but instead of me going through it all tonight why no Sunflower seeds ? Ta Keith
  13. Hey Folks, just found this Timneh (think it's a girl) and no one is claiming her, so We want to make sure she's getting fed right, in another post we noticed a lady saying she get's food without Sunflower seeds in ? but it's one of the only things this one eats ? is this bad ? She enjoy's grapes, monkey nut's some toast and chip's ? also bit's of vegtables. please help me with what else to feed her. Thanks Keith edited to add link to Lost and Found thread for this parrot - https://www.parrot-link.co.uk/topic/22629-found-weve-just-found-a-timneh-grey-liverpool/
  14. Sorry folks lost broadband yesterday so just checkin mails now, Yes SHE is very cute and she loves ME ! lol we have called Her Tallulah and we are gettin very fond of her but not sure if we could cope full time ? cat, dog, fish and 2 kids !!!!!! will have to wait and see at the end of the 28 days Keith, Ali and The Little Ones
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