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  1. Just an update. Harley disappeared after the school re-opened and neither us nor the people who live in the area saw him for several weeks. He was found in one of the back gardens nearby this afternoon but isn't alive. Tim has gone to collect him and we are bringing him home finally. We'll bury him in our back garden. Thanks to all of the forum members that gave us tips and ideas about how to coax him down. We are just sorry we do not have better news for you. Maria & Tim x
  2. The thing I have neglected to mention is that Harley is roosting in a tree which is inside a schools grounds. These are closed because of the school holidays at the minute and school is not back in term until the 7th September. This makes it impossible to get ladders or climb the tree he roosts in. The fruit trees are lower but as soon as anyone goes near him he flies off again. Tim has mentioned that he seems to be widening his territory and is flying further out but he does still come back to the school. Whether he stays when school is back in term we don't know.
  3. Well the parrot is still in the trees, still fit and well and still going mental when Tim calls him however he still will not come down. Vikky from parrot rescue came and his cage is now in a garden where the fruit trees are located but he hasn't been near it. However we did think she would stop to help Tim get the parrot down once the cage was set up but she didn't although she did give a few tips, most of which a lot of you had suggested already. We need some more ideas to get him down!! I have had a few suggestions, one was to douse him with a hose when in the lower trees so he is heavier and cannot fly away!! The other was to use a really long branch and coat it in peanut butter and seeds and see if we can tempt him to step up at a higher level. This sounds more sensible than the water but may not be possible due to the height of the tree!! If anyone has any more ideas then feel free to share as this situation is becoming very frustrating and we just want him home before he goes missing again. Maria & Tim
  4. Still no joy with capturing the parrot! Tim is meeting with Vikki from UK Parrot rescue tomorrow at 4pm and they will be taking Harley's cage as well as some of his favourite foods so hopefully they will have more luck. We'll keep you posted as ever.
  5. Well, it definately IS Harley! He went mental when my husband called him, kept walking up and down the branch of the tree he was in squawking his head off. Would he come down? Would he heck as like lol. He is in very good condition and busy scoffing all the fruit and veg growing in the locals gardens. Tim is going back tomorrow about the same time to try again and we are going to try and liase with parrott rescue about meeting up to try to get him to come down. We are also going to take his cage to Elizabeths house so we can leave it in the back garden. Fingers crossed we will get him back soon but at least we know he is alright.
  6. We are going this afternoon between 5 and 7 when he is around to see if we can catch sight of him. God knows how we will catch him if it is him. We're hoping he will still recognise my other half and maybe land on him. Even if we can't catch him if it is him its still good to know that he is okay. Someone suggested taking the cage but it is massive and this lady lives a few streets away so that isn't going to be possible. Will post later!
  7. We got the emails. Tim has rung the lady who spotted him and has left a message. He will try and ring her again tomorrow afternoon as he works nights. I would ring myself but have acute laryngitis so have next to no voice at the minute!! We'll keep you all posted though as to whether it is him or not!!!
  8. We're trying not to although its been almost two weeks and we haven't even caught sight of him. Thanks for keeping an eye out though
  9. Well over the last few days we have been contacted twice about parrots that have been found although unfortunately neither of them was ours. Guess we will have to keep our fingers crossed some more.
  10. Thanks for your support and help, hopefully we'll find him.
  11. Hi, We lost our senegal parrot Harley in the Links View area of Northampton on Monday of this week, the 22nd June. He managed to get out of the front door after an electrician wandered in and left the door wide open. He flew into the trees of Kingsthorpe Golf Course where he stayed for a while until he was scared off or attacked by a crow, we are not sure which but we have not seen him at all since. We have contacted various places trying to see if anyone has found him or seen him but have had no luck. We then found this website so I'm posting on the off chance someone finds him. Please if anyone spots him or has him can you please let us know as my husband misses him terribly.
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