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  1. marion w

    Some advice please

    Great post Fuzz and yes it should be FUN for both of you enjoy
  2. marion w

    Where is Hotfoot Jackson??

    She stepped down as mod and i believe she may look in now and again but she has other forums and facebook
  3. marion w

    Overheard in church!

  4. marion w

    hagen lifetime granules

    Sounds a good idea what i do with mine Yes guilty i think we all should rethink now and again
  5. marion w

    Advice on food for B&G Macaw

    Yes nuts are a must for macaws.The nuts are in the shops now have managed to get 750grms of cashews from tescos for £4.49. ours also have chichen drumsticks honey nut shredded wheat mixed in with their seed A little bit of what we are having
  6. marion w

    Advice on food for B&G Macaw

    Most of us have to travel at least an hour for one where abouts are you?
  7. marion w


    Wow how time flies my thoughts are with you and your family Sue
  8. marion w

    Charley's making shadow puppets!

    Bless her entertaining her mum at work
  9. marion w

    14 - Dellboy13

    Happy Birthday Dellboy
  10. marion w

    Tommy Cooper at his best!

    Love them ;D
  11. marion w

    sharing food with parrots

    Sounds great fun in our house ;D
  12. marion w

    hi there - new amazon mom...

    Oh Jenny so sorry for your loss :'(
  13. marion w

    10 - Mylo's Mummy

    Happy Birthday Milo's mum
  14. marion w

    10th Chi caique (Suebarrass)

    Happy Hatchday Chi just know you will be spoilt