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  1. Wow they must be devestated...thats alot of birds hope they catch the losers that stole them
  2. wow you was lucky to get them back .. hope they both are doing fine
  3. Thats great news im happy for you and your lovely macaw. she is stunning by the way..
  4. I hope you get her soon . must be so frustrating seeing her and not being able to have caught her yet. my heart goes out to you good luck hun
  5. Dont ever give up . he is out there ,i know its fustrating and breaks ya heart everyday but just knowing he has survived that long on his own should make you feel a lil better atleast you know he can take care of himself . and he is just waiting for you to find him. good luck
  6. Can you imagine just walking down the road and a bird lands on your shoulder . lmao i have birds but that would scare the poo outta me. lolim glad he is home hun .i love happy endings
  7. lost alaxandrine parakeet - hi i have lost my parakeet my sister bought me him last weekhe is not vey tame but i love him very much please let me know if site him in ur garden etc any help to finding him realy appreciated he is white pale blue with a red beek thank u .any help would be apreciated This ad was on preloved . the girl is really heartbroken keep your eyes out for it.
  8. LOST JARDINE'S PARROT in Elizabeth/Parker area (south of Denver CO) Contact: Noel Phone: (303) 408-6644 or mailto:opit0011@umn.edu Comments: Nadia escaped from a large outdoor aviary. She is flighted, but is just becoming a confident flyer. She is quite shy around new people. Please send lost, found, or stolen parrot reports to Bobbi@ParrotTalk.com__________________ ~Bee~
  9. Thank you all for the support i was so hoping and praying it was him.
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