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    Hello there, my name is hotfoot Jackson. I used to hang around here ages ago, and now, I'm back. Just like a good recycled item. I live in Australia in Perth on the west coast and am owned by a western corella called Dusty (after Dusty Springfield). I have missed parroty chat and look forward to hanging around again.
  2. hotfoot jackson

    Cage Tray Newspaper lining substitute?

    I use newspaper....my partner raids her work library, they have lots....otherwise I buy drawing paper from Ikea, or rolls of brown paper that people buy for wrapping packages or covering books
  3. hotfoot jackson

    Why do African Greys have red tails?

    Well being my Granddads granddaughter....I'd have to tell some outrageous story to provide an answer...or something dumb like coz they can, or it goes with their grey feathers
  4. I usually go overboard with pressies on Dustys hatchday, so Xmas is a bit low key. I usually try to fill her cage with natural chewable foliage, nuts etc, forage toys from household rubbish eg. egg cartons, small boxes.....with yummies to keep her occupied when we visit "Grandma"
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    Hi Fuzz!
  6. hotfoot jackson

    Barney my baby

    Losing a dog is so hard...like ripping a chunk of your heart out....sympathy and hugs
  7. hotfoot jackson

    Hi again everyone!

    Hello...good to "see" you again.
  8. I spent that time working with in home community support of elderly and or people with disabilities. I have now retired and have become a bicycle riding fanatic, sold my car to my niece so I ride instead of riding. My beloved Dusty is doing well, she's 18yrs now, and just as naughty. We have become involved with Staffy and Bully Breed Rescue, and adopted two dogs, Scout a staffy/border terrier and Dotty an American staffy. So happy this forum is alive again.
  9. hotfoot jackson

    Parrot costumes

    One of my Facebook friends has a number of parrots, he lives in one of the distant regional areas of Western Australia. He is quite a good parrot keeper and gives his birds good care but one thing bothers me. He dresses his birds up in hoodies and costumes, even when they hate it. I challenged him about this and he says its a training tool so they will accept towelling at the vets. Which sounds like an excuse to me. I taught my corella to accept towelling by playing peek-a-boo, and she is angelic at the vets, usually returning to me from out the back, riding a vets shoulder. What do people think? Are costumes/hoodies a kind of cruelty or am I being over sensitive?
  10. hotfoot jackson

    Tommy Cooper

    These are so bad..they're good...thanks for the giggles
  11. For a long time I fed Dusty on sprouted seed and legume mix (my own mix) but every breeding season she developes a skin condition, itchy skin, sores from scratching and infected sores...nasty. So the vet made me start feeding her pellets (vetafarm) to ensure she has sufficient protein and vitamins. I also give her a teaspoon of good quality bird seed (there must be some joy at mealtimes) a food spike with snowpeas (mange tout) and either corn or apple every day and for tea she gets fresh mixed vegies, sometimes a salad other times steamed. Once a week she gets half an egg, and every day a little of my tea...and she eats everything, but broccoli MUST be cooked or it hits the floor.
  12. oh what a lovely image...a birdy with a teddy bear
  13. Welcome back...its always good to see people return
  14. hotfoot jackson

    Just Moved

    I have no advise...but just wanted to wish you good luck and hope the dear bird settles soon and feels at home.
  15. hotfoot jackson

    Advice on a first Parrot

    These others as usual have given great advise..mine is what my birds breeder told me...READ, READ then for a change READ some more...and keep reading and learning even after you think you have got it all sorted as things change and get discovered. My Dusty was the first parrot I had as a pet...and I was lucky to find a great breeder who advised me and offered a phone number to call if I was worried at any time. So maybe once you decide what you want, think about from whom you buy your bird from...look for someone who cares and will provide "back-up" should you need it. A breeder who wants shot of the parrot and your money in their pocket and thats the end is to be avoided in my opinion.
  16. hotfoot jackson

    Hello to everyone!

    Hello and welcome Tom...congrats for having such great sence to do some research and seek out a forum to help..so many problems can be avoided by learning and asking questions.
  17. hotfoot jackson

    Hi everyone!

    Hello and welcome Lisa, Ozzie and Max.
  18. Oh I agree they seem to want or have baths at the daftest times...its a wonder they don't get a chill
  19. hotfoot jackson

    Hiya all from Cornwall

    Hello and welcome Richard and feathered family...nice to have you join us.
  20. hotfoot jackson

    What unusual activities do you parrot and you share?

    My problem is I don't really know what constitutes unusual. So we; feed the ducks in (our ) Hyde Park, she rides the wheelbarrow when we garden, she joins me in the shower singing and dancing to the radio (Alice Coopers radio show is our favourite) and she likes me to sing to her music box ...most Aussies think a cockie out of its cage is unusual..so I'm no judge of unusual.
  21. hotfoot jackson

    2 parakeets left alone whilst at work

    I'd just like to congratulate you on your common sence ...checking everything out before taking on a couple of small lives is great..well done
  22. hotfoot jackson

    2 parakeets left alone whilst at work

    With a big cage, two together with toys and enrichment...sounds fine to me. If you try to put something different into the cage each day or so, so there is always something to explore and occupy their time, they will probably be happy till you get home. My corella is left for four hours, five days a week and she is OK, spending her time looking out the window and playing with her toys, and chewing bit of foliage from the garden, and she has no behavioural problems or such
  23. hotfoot jackson

    parakeet noise level

    Hi Chris...and welcome to parrot link. By parakeets I presume you mean budgerigars? If so I can help. I had two budgies, they made a constant noise all during the day..with a bit of quiet at their nap times. The loudness was less than a crying baby, but the constant-ness (if that is a word) became a bit irritating to me. So it depends what bothers you more volume or constant-ness of the noise. Hope that helps.
  24. hotfoot jackson

    Do you do yearly checkups?

    No for Dusty or me...in Dustys case, I don't think much of the avian vets in my city, and its my aim is to keep her well enough to avoid the need to see a vet. But saying that Dusty doesn't have any ongoing problems like twisted beak or feather plucking etc...
  25. hotfoot jackson

    Happy Hatch Day Celebrations!

    PM would you mind removing Alice Cooper and George/Johnny Walker from the list please, Alice is dead and George flying with his wild relatives. There is just my sweet Dusty. Thanks.