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  1. Sorry i havent heard anything on a planned London workshop.Ireland would be lovely this time of year
  2. Admin, mods if this is in the wrong section, apologies beforehand.I though this may be of interest to some of your members.A once in a life time opportunity. Barbara Heidenreich In this workshop parrot enthusiasts learn basic methods and tools to teach their birds using positive reinforcement. The workshop will cover: • The basics of training- how does it work? • How to read and interpret bird body language • Solving behavioral problems • Training basic behaviors • Training to benefit the health and welfare of your bird • Training advanced behaviors for fun and more Workshop includes lecture, PowerPoint presentation, video, interactive activities, games, written materials and live demonstrations on how to train behaviors from start to finish (if birds are available at the host facility). An educational and fun experience is the goal. An open forum is encouraged to analyze all companion parrot behavior challenges and goals. Workshop is suitable for companion animal caregivers as well as animal industry professionals. Sunday 22nd August from 9am to 4pm. €65 including full day workshop, tea and snack in the morning, and 3 course Sunday Lunch Or €135 for room on the night of the 21st, breakfast, full day workshop, tea and snack in the morning, and 3 course Sunday Lunch Venue: Shamrock Lodge Hotel & Conference Centre Clonown Road Athlone Co. Westmeath http://www.parrots.ie/workshop.htm
  3. Hi My name is Tracy, I have read the forum for a good few years & personally know a few of your members.I was asked by one if i would post a thread on my pineapple conure egg bound hen, including a few pictures as it may be of some interest to some of the members. Friday i was confronted with the scenario many of of us dread, an egg bound hen.Immediately i brought her indoors, placed her in a hospital cage with heat & humidity & administered some calcium via syringe.I anticipated her passing the egg late that evening. Unfortunately by Saturday morning she hadnt managed to pass the egg.Off to the vet & an x-ray revealed a large egg which was sitting at an off centre angle.It was clear she wouldnt be able to pass the egg naturally & she under went surgery to have it removed. Im pleased to say she is well on the road to recovery, eating, perching ,preening etc ..I hope the pictures will be of some interest to you. Friday, with a visible bulge. X-ray showing the egg Mods please move if i have posted in the wrong section.Thank you.
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