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  1. cw_lilstar

    Do your birds prefer .... ?

    Billy-jean (military macaw) - me mainly jay at a push Bob me only
  2. cw_lilstar


    Me too jess gets terrible car sickness so hopefully she wont get to distressed !!
  3. cw_lilstar


    Yeah all 3 of them are out there they get fed in the mornings b4 i go to work with the radio left on then when i get home i go out there and give them some treats then they have to wait till babys gone to bed for me to go out there and have bob and billy out. Jess is not loving it especially since jay is now working away mon-fri only back at weekends to have her out but she is going on holiday for a few months till we move so she csan have some fuss and attention since she hates me and wont even tolerate me being in the parrot room !!! But in august when we move she will be back and jay can have her out every day. plus we will have the parrot room set up with an avairy coming off it so all the birds will enjoy it (fingers crossed)
  4. Awww hope he cheers u up when he comes home
  5. cw_lilstar


    Hello thought i would log back in see whats been going on : ) Hope everyones ok. We have our 3 parrots outside now in a 12ft converted shed with carpet and fully insulated and lights and a radio and heating its warmer in there than my house altho the neighbours are not loving the 7am wake up call each morning but they had to go out there so jackson had a bedroom dont think 3 parrots and a baby in one room would go down to good with him !! Moving to oxfordshire at the end of the year hoping to find a house thats a bit rural so the parrots can make a racket without me getting knowing looks of the neighbours every day !!!
  6. cw_lilstar

    Billy sleeps weird !!!

    Makes me panic everytime cause he is upside down pretty much . . . he also drapes one wing over the rest of the toy . . . .
  7. cw_lilstar

    Billy sleeps weird !!!

    Billy our military macaw has a rope perch going accross his cage with a toy to the right of it this toy has a ring at the bottem which sits about 10cms lower than the rope perch well this is how billy sleeps one foot on the rope perch one foot on the toys ring which means he has to lower himself down and sleep with his head facing down and his bum in the air surley thats not comfy do parrots suffer from bloody rishing to their heads like humans do i tried to take a photo but as soon as u open that door he moves lol
  8. cw_lilstar

    Well that was a suprise

    The outdoor birdy house is going up today and then hopefully by the time the baby arrives it will be insulated and have electricuty and heating ) Then the birdies will be out there . . . . . then an avairy will be added to the side we only have a small garden and this birdy room is 12ft by 7ft then the avaiary is going to be 6ft long like an L shape at the bottem of our garden which will leave us with a small patch of our own !!
  9. cw_lilstar

    Cant even have 5 minutes

    I know i could do with a st bernard a nanny dog : ))) i want a great dane or an irish wolfhound or a newfoundland )
  10. Charged my ipod up yesterday after it being dead for ages so i thought i would chill out and listen to some music got the pillows out on the bedroom floor and layed down well then mandy decided she wanted too be fussed do u think she is being to obvious I then after half hour could not get up (8 months pregnant) my back and pelvis have been giving me loads of jip i had to call jay to find out how long it was before he got home luckily he was not far he came in and lifted me up lol
  11. cw_lilstar


    Lol : )))) Love this pic . . . . billy and bob are both great at head massage too
  12. cw_lilstar

    Murphy has escaped!

    Any news on murphy ?
  13. cw_lilstar

    Well that was a suprise

    Lol . . . . hopefulli bob will be ok in august we are having a outdoor room built in the garden which will house the parrots til we can afford to move into a 3 bed or a house with a downstairs space for the birdies . . this outdoor room will have an avairy off it too so they can get some fresh air and sunshine ill be off on maternity leave so when the baby is sleeping ill be in the parrot room with monitor in hand !!!