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  1. Quinn will eat banana either fresh or dried, skin on or off - he seems to prefer it with skin on though so he can peel it for himself lol
  2. With Quinn's fresh stuff i tend to give him some in the morning until dinner, then some from dinner until tea, so it's never in there too long - seems to work pretty well and touch wood i've not had swarms of fruit flies around just yet!
  3. Quinn enjoys allsorts of peas, particularly sugarsnap ones or petits pois, but he wouldn't turn his beak up at any to be honest
  4. they're gorgeous - hope their owner recovers soon, it's lovely of you to have them to stay with you for a while though
  5. Happy birthday Tiki (bit late but the right day at least!)
  6. Aww thanks all So many nice comments he'll not get through the door at this rate! Bushidoninja - in Quinn's breakfast bowl yesterday he had - Spring greens, Cabbage, Chopped dates, Lemon, string beans, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, kiwi, mango, bannana, apple, pear, brocolli, finger chillis, cucumber, asparagus, cherry tomatoes, watercress, carrot, spinach, and i *think* that was his lot! It's never the same and does often change from the above list It helps that he will eat any fruit or veg given to him, so i don't have a problem with him being fussy or anything Pippy - the cage is a Heidelberg Parrot Cage, i think you can get them from Northern Parrots - i think it's generally used for macaws or bigger birds than Quinn but i wanted to give him as much space as i possibly could so just got the biggest thing i had room for and could afford at the time - i'm hoping it's going to last him a few years yet though, not the kind of thing i can afford to replace too regularly lol!
  7. Hi All, i introduced myself in the new members' section and thought i'd better post some pictures of Quinn and his pad Quinn is a silly, funny, quirky boy with many particular habits. His newest phrase is 'what's the score?' but he has many others (and generally doesn't shut up LOL). He'll be 4 in September, so he's still a youngster really. He loves all kinds of music, and has a small cd collection of his own (mr.men, fifi and the flowertots ect). He adores fruit and veg, and has a large bowlful every morning. He's also partial to palm oil on toast, and is sometimes treated to a bit of what we're eating, depending on what it is. His favourite food is walnuts, and he has a new favourite fruit or veg every week it seems! So, enough rambling from me, this is Quinn eating a walnut Quinn's cage - it changes regularly, so doesn't always look like this toys-wise You can see his handiwork with the wallpaper on the back wall, and corner of the chimney breast. I don't see the point in replacing it just yet, he's a little menace and he'll just do it again! :roll: And randomly, Quinns breakfast before he tucked into it. I just took the pic cos i thought it looked very colourful :oops: Thanks for looking I'm sure i'll have plenty to tell you about quinn in future
  8. Quinn does do it sometimes, but not always - he quite often will chuck seed into his water and sort of 'fish' for it lol
  9. Aww she's very pretty!
  10. Hi everyone, i thought i'd drop in here and post a quick introduction. My name is Kyra and i'm a Zoology student at Nottingham Uni. I'm owned by an orange winged amazon called Quinn - he's a right little devil and i'm sure i'll have plenty of things to tell you about him in future posts! He'll be 4 in September, i've had him since he was 8 months old and he's such a character! I'll dig some pictures out of him and post them up at some point Thanks for reading
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