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  1. Hi Hamzah, good to see you. Although I feed my birds fresh fruit and veg, I have found that a bag of frozen mixed veg makes a handy standby and mixed with some chopped fresh fruit, you can feed a good variety with very little waste. As for seed, the choice is quite bewildering. While you make up your mind which you want to feed and obtain a supply, how about picking out the sunflower seeds and feeding just a few from your fingers as a treat. It will at least allow you to control how much Rocky has.
  2. He is in love with my other half and I had the audacity to speak to him while they were having 'us' time. As I am at work full time and my partner has been sick at home for months, they have really bonded. In fact he has gone from being an unhandled 5 year old who was very nervous to an absolute delight. While I am happy to take a back seat with him, I do need to get a bit more involved and work on overcoming his possessiveness.
  3. Dobiedogz, you have a beautiful Grandaughter and the pics look so cute. I hate to be a wet blanket but seeing a bird with such a young child worries me. My TAG was so gentle in the early days but there have been a couple of times when he flew across the room and attacked me. It was only afterwards when we had time to consider that we were able to work out why he behaved that way.
  4. I think they are called 'key jobs'. You go in when the office workers have gone home and give the place a good going over with Pledge.
  5. I don't feel that I or anyone has the right to make such personal remarks uninvited. Marky came here asking for advice about his birds welfare not to have his wife critised. I would never suggest that anyone should allow harm to come to a living creature in their care. If at all possible, the spare room as a bird room would certainly solve the problem in the interim so that he can aclimatise them properly to aviary life in the spring/summer. Also, I believe that an aviary would be a compromise that allows him to keep his birds and spend time with them. Who knows in time, when life settles down and she doesn't feel excluded they may be able to share both the bird care and the parenting.
  6. Perhaps if you explain your plans to your wife and she can see the outdoor living quarters progressing, she will feel reassured. Don't forget the romantic dinners and a bird-sitter so that you two can grab the odd weekend away together. Good luck to you both.
  7. There is a lot of helpful advice here https://www.parrot-link.co.uk/topic/6673-plucking-andor-snipping-feathers/
  8. I am sure that his wife is acting in what she considers to be the baby's best interests. My suggestion is that he takes the information he has gathered and talks it over. She may well be reassured and be prepared to be patient. Talking to June is a great idea, I agree. But ultimately it would be a joint decision. Kristins comment appeared to be tongue in cheek to me.
  9. Oh well, just an idea. Lets hope the OP will be able to work out a compromise with his wife just to get over the winter. I WOULD NOT suggest 'laying down the law'. Apart from the fact that is extremely presumptious coming from a total stranger, if she is already a bit anti-parrot it won't help matters.
  10. Would it be too late in the year for them to go into the aviary during the daytime on fine days and indoors at night or would the sudden temperature difference be too much?
  11. I have found this thread interesting and appreciate the latitude given to those who wish to voice widely differing opinions. However, the remarks made by Reptile Richard are beyond the pale. Had I made libellous comments such as those made by him on this thread, I would expect and deserve to be banned.
  12. http://www.preloved.co.uk/fuseaction-adverts.showadvert/index-1031189011/45379b28.html I have just found this ad. He is in Carlisle apparently but offers payment by instalments and his name is Carl. Could it be the same breeder? Sharon
  13. This has been a real eye opener for me. In my innocence, I assumed that the placement of rescued birds on their site was done in order to provide the best possible home for the bird. I also thought that they would only ever be reclaimed if the bird was not being properly cared for in the new home and not as a way of punishing those who fall from favour. How wrong can you be? Now I am beginning to understand why they were so ticked off when I arranged by pm and telephone to rehome one of their member's birds rather than by posting on the forum. Within a day or two Vikki posted and informed members that this was not allowed and persistant offenders would be banned. Also, I noticed that when a member posts that they need to rehome a bird, they are encouraged to turn it over to UKPR for rehoming in order to guarantee them a 'forever home'. What a joke that is!
  14. From what little I have observed, attitudes towards animals in the US differs considerably to attitudes here. Whenever I have stumbled accross an American parrot site, wing clipping seems to be done routinely and accepted as the normal thing to do. In the same way Americans I have spoken with declaw their pet cats in order to save damage to their furniture. They did not consider it cruel, just necessary.
  15. Really? I didn't realise. When I looked on the Goddards website I couldn't find anything about birds. The Barrier one states that it specialises in exotics and it's open 7 days a week. What did you think of them? It's difficult to know how to choose.
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