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  1. I am posting this message for a fellow Grey owner. Ali has lost his CAG from Poundhill in Crawley. Kashmira has been missing since Friday. She says her name and "honey" PLease everyone in the area keep an eye and an ear open. :cry: [/b]
  2. Hello guys! It has been a year since Riley flew away and my heart still aches for her. The Grey we found in Hastings is still with us as we were unable to find the home she came from. We named her Kira and tried so hard not to get close.....butttttt.......she is part of our family now and enjoys being one of the "kids". Kira seems so happy but I cant help thinking she must miss her original owners?? I hope Riley has been taken in by people who equally love her as she deserves. God Bless Our feathered friends and thank you all so much for the support you showed me last year.xxxx
  3. Missy4u


    Sounds to me like Rich is time wasting and a fraud! He can post no pictures or answer any questions because he has no pictures and he has no connections with nps(does LL really exist) He has been asked many times to answer questions and add pics to back up what he is saying but hasn't. Rich you have not added anything constructive to this thread apart from confirm what really goes on at that cesspool you call a rescue for birds. Come on Rich, where are these pictures? Where is your evidence?? Do you actually have any birds? Can you prove your claims? Sounds to me like you do not have any birds or you would understand why we are all "crying buckets". Come to think of it, it really does sound like you are enjoying yourself by hurting peoples feelings and stirring things up..........I wonder if there is a Rich causing trouble on every Forum? GET A LIFE! On the bright side at least when peeps google Nps they will see this thread and be aware of all the dirty goings on, so thank you Rich for being a burk and winding us all up! P.s I have seen Junes pics and her birds look healthy, happy and truly spoilt.x I have found nothing but love, support and sound advice from experienced animal lovers on this site so thank you Parrot_link.xx
  4. Anybody in Hasting area missing this CAG? Please if anybody lives in Hastings can you listen out for anybody missing him/her. A really lovely and funny little character so somebody must be missing him/her. You can tell he has been spoilt!! lol
  5. Missy4u


    I have to admit I got to page 6 and I could no longer read anymore knowing what beautiful and sensitive creatures these birds are So I don't know what was said after page 6 as I cant put myself through reading anymore as it is breaking my heart. But can anyone tell me what we can do about this? Who can we write too? With all the bloody money this so called B**** charity gets surely they have the means to re home ALL the birds into loving homes. Sounds like a bl** sick circus to me where the birds are neglected and tormented. The poor souls We rescued Riley 7 years ago and she was in a poor state and after many expensive vets bills and 24hr care we got her healthy we also rescued the cats and our dog and as long as my kids have clothes on there backs and food in there bellies I can live with that, knowing they all have a better quality of life. Some people and organisations are just plain greedy and I hope they get whats coming to them fast. There are plenty of people out there who would give one of these birds a fantastic home and one 2 one contact! GRRRRRR I feel soooo bl***** mad and sick! I wish I could rescue them all................. :cry:
  6. OOOO I think someone called Riga lost a CAG in your area! They contacted me so I will forward them this link! I lost my parrot in West Sussex but think it is maybe too far for her to travel? Missy.xx
  7. Keith it sounds like you have and are doing everything possible to locate her owners and you are doing a fantastic job with her. Sounds like she has maybe adopted you? I hope my Riley is found by a person as caring as you guys and others on the site. You have done all right things with her.xxxxxx Missy.xx
  8. P.s He is a lucky bird to of found some one so caring.xx. Well done. Missy.x
  9. Where abouts did you find her?? She must be missing her owners and them her. Have you posted her found on here??xxx Her owner will still be looking............. Good Luck with getting her off seeds....mine used to only eat sunflower seeds when we rescued her and we had to pick all of the sunflowers out of her mix so she didnt have ANY and then we changed her to Harrisons and that made a big difference in her for the better
  10. Ok thanks Kazz. I really hope this CAG finds its way home.xx Good luck Ellen and our hearts are with you.xxxxx
  11. Awwwww well done Oscar and what a sweetie.xxxxxx
  12. Wasnt our bird I feel heart broken as we miss her so much. When we went to see her she looked so much like Riley but skinny and gaunt and very quiet so we didnt hear her talk and the physical differences could of been down to changes...........maybe I was wishing it to be her. I told the lady who had found her I wasnt 100% sure but could I take her and care for her and if it isnt her I will let her know and we will try and locate owners. The lady who had found her had done a fantastic job of caring for her but wasnt equiped and didnt have the experience to give her the care she needed so it was agreed I take her home. I havnt taken her to the vets yet as she has been eating well and she is starting to relax and look better and I didnt want to stress her out anymore than she has been. An add has been put in local paper to try and locate her owner. Missy.xx
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