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  1. thanks for all your help, it meant a lot i feel ill today, my house is so empty, but never again, my other hahns will have to live with just the cocktiels for company thanks again for your support, rest in peace my little jess xxxxx
  2. about 30 mins before i took her to the vets, she started being really poorly, , head down eyes closed, wings drooped, when i got to the vets, after he gave her the jab, he said she would benifit from salin under her skin, and into the crop, which he did, and made arrangements for sunday, i walked out of the vets and she died , i went back in, but they could not do anything, i feel so empty, my o/h is away no she was not being sick, gem did you say avian interest i asked if they were qualified and i was told they were i was asked about a p/m, but my other birds are so healthy and i am in debt due to vets cost this week,
  3. the vet i spoke to said that it has to be tubed into her crop and that my vet could not do that, i would much rather her be at home as i am worried they wont tempt her with food, will they have the time?, they want to keep her a full week
  4. thanks guys, the vet i spoke to today, was not the avian vet, he wont be there till monday, hence why i have to wait until then he just said crop infection, i asked how/why he said dirty water/food i would have took her today in a shot..... she is going to home vets in 2 hours for her jab! yes she is weaker, but still perching
  5. they have just got back to me, tests came back as crop infection, they are going to admit her on monday as she needs tube, [oh heck what did he say???] oh you know into her crop for meds
  6. just found her papers which i forgot i had, she came from northampton parrot centre and in 2006 [guess she is at least 4!] she tested negative for pbfdv
  7. morning, your right, i am going to phone the avian vet this morning, about 11pm last night she ate 2 grapes, {i had to peel and squash them} she ate nothing during the night and this morning refused her drink and has only ate a few seeds but for the moment she is still with us
  8. it may be, i normally have a good understanding when talking to vets, this one went over my head a bit at times and the conversation tended to jump from one thing to another, i do remember him being non to happy because i had mixed birds from different continents he did say that a non avian vet would normally opt for baytril because it is "safe", i know its not very effective in tortoise, but until these last 2, non of my birds have ever been ill, and i really dont know anything on the subject
  9. its not baytril, sorry i cant remember the name but he said it was a new genaration antibiotic
  10. thanks x the avian vet did think about keeping her, then he decided that she would be less stressed with me, i guess i can give her more attention, i was up every 2 hours in the night, giving her a drink trying allsorts of food, i find she will take a few bites and a drink every hour or so, not as much as i would like would i give the poly aid with the G/A? as the vet said to keep putting that into her water i did try syringe feeding earlier, but she was using so much engery fighting me off, i think even tho its time consuming its better for her if i just keep up with the every hour hand coaxing
  11. thanks, just got back from vets for her 2nd jab, which was done into the leg muscle she has lost 4gms today, and a couple the day before i got some fruity porrage and honey to try, but she wont eat that, will let her rest a bit then try egg food, she is only eating tiny amounts of seed & fruit she is under a ceramic heat bulb, i didnt mean uv for heat, just wondered if any one else uses them my other birds remain healthy, and i really did think she was picking up, but i am afraid now, i think i might lose her i have asked her last owner for help, who is suppose to have had her from 6 weeks until 3yrs, but i am not getting much feedback i remain grateful for any ideas you may have
  12. i phoned the vets yesterday, she had made a little improvement but not as much has i had hoped, she had become more fluffed up and holding her wings down, he said, he could only suggest giving more baytril or go seek a avain vet!!!!! [ though this was not the same guy i had seen on sunday] to cut a long story short, withdrew my rent money [ i had already spent all my weekly money on sunday ] and i managed to get to prescots in morpeth the journey has knocked the stuffing out of her, and i have been up and down all night, he has changed the baytril into another type and give her 2 jabs, which she needs over the next 5 days, i cant travel there each day, so i went to my own vets and they will do them for me, but not sure about sundays yet tho he does not really know whats wrong with her, he has sent a poop sample off, and i have to collect 5 days of poop, but he said to collect 5 days of the ***** poop and put in the same bottle, can someone please explain how that works, my head is like a washing machine! i was told to bring her out of the bird room, its not as warm anywhere else, so i have put her under a tort heat lamp i have been meaning to ask, do any of you use uv lights for your birds
  13. oh no i am glad for your help she is lots brighter today, but she is now running over to me, 1 wing dropped making little squaking noises, she is the first handreared parrot i have had her movements are very like, baby wild birds that i have reared, when they want feeding, but she seems to just want a cuddle mind you the vet did say on sunday that he thought 50% was illness and 50% mating tactics, what do you think?
  14. yes thanks , she is lots better already
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