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  1. Sorry Mum, I was so busy with Marley stuff i forgot to do that. Thankyou XX
  2. Hi all, Saw this today, have had a browse but, can't find anything being reported. http://pets.uk.freeads.net/birds/parrots/1516018/kakari-found-plymouth/view xx
  3. I saw your posting on Enzo and again our hearts go out to you to, we have still got Marley's things in the garden and we just hope that even if Marley does'nt appear then perhaps Enzo or any other parrot may appear, that would be fantastic. Lets keep positive.. XX
  4. It's been neary 6 weeks now and in the beginning we were up at 4am for the first two weeks out everywhere looking for him, we would maybe get a lead but, it was'nt to be. We still have his cage outside which is hard in the mornings and last thing at night but, we are staying as positive as we can that he might fly to someone who can report him or even help but, unfortunatley i think some people just don't understand how important these little guys are to their owners.
  5. I know how you feel tammy, its been 6 weeks now since our marley went missing and we miss him dearly. Please keep on moving forward and keep as positive as you can. Best wishes and thinking of Monty XX
  6. We got the call from this lovley couple who thought it may have been our Marley but, unfortunatley not. If we can give this little fella a chance then we will do all we can for him or her. Will keep you posted. XX
  7. I have had confirmation today that a Orange Belly Senegal is loose in the Chantry area of Ipswich, Suffolk. I have looked around the internet and can't see anything reported. If anyone has any information as to the possible owners please contact me. To let you know in advance i have tried to make arrangements to catch the poor little fella and we would quite happily take him in for fostering until we find the owner. Thankyou XX
  8. I had a phone call from the lady in Reedham and now they seem to think it could have been a woodpecker. Our hopes are that things will change but, i think deep down we know that Marley has gone....godbless little fella...xxxx..
  9. Hi all, I had a phone call today from a lady in Reedham, Norfolk nr Lowestoft to say that her husband and daughter have spotted a parrot in that area, i have contacted by email as many people as i can in that area and was wondering if anyone on this site knows anyone in that area that they could contact for us on our hunt to get Marley home safe. Thankyou all xxx
  10. Hi all, I am so angry i could spit. I got a phone call last night from a lady who said she saw a parrot in her neighbours garden LAST SATURDAY!, she told her husband and he said that she was seeing things so she did'nt bother reporting it. She lives 50 yards from a vet, so it could have been a escaped bird and also we had put up flyers in that area the week previous and it's been in the local paper twice.....why are people so ignorant to this. I told the vet in that area and she said that if she had of known she may have been able to catch him. We've had no further leads but, i'm so angry with this couple, it's just like in this area people just don't care or they think it's o.k to have a parrot fly around like it's normal..... We still live in hope but, as i say we hav'nt heard anything..... xx
  11. Well unfortunately did'nt hear or see any sign but, i had reports of noises being heard in the area, which would be about a 1 mile radius. The frustrating thing is everyone else seems to hear these noises apart from us, it's like he's playing a game. I have got the local paper now to cover the story and put a £1000 reward up for him, some people might be a little more vigilant then. Got his cage back in the garden with the stereo playing a loop of a Amazon (i think) but, i have heard that they will pay a little intrest to other bird noises. The worst part about this is is the flight line that he seems to have taken is about 500 yards from our house i some places so i really hoping that he may get caught in a gust of wind that blows him this way but, in the meantime we will keep everything crossed. Thankyou for all your words and wishes it means alot to us Thankyou XX
  12. Thankyou for that, we have already done the poster thing and made arrangements today to put the cage in her garden, i will sit with all day every day (til i go back to work) if i have to. I got so excited this afternoon when i went round to the house and stood in her garden for 45 mins calling and making his noises, just on the pretence that we would see him but, no, then thats when i got deflated....I know you should'nt pin your hopes on seeing him straight away but, we miss him so much and hope that he is still there. Just would like to know of what the chances are of him seeing his cage and coming to it or will he be reluctant, its now been 11 days so will he be more wild or will he remember?? Heres hoping xx
  13. Hi everyone, Just a update, Marley may have been spotted not far from home. I had a phone call yesturday to say a lady saw somthing unusual in the garden on Saturday and also another lady reported a strange bird noise yesturday morning. I've been up sine 3am as i could'nt sleep, and no sign at all. Its encouraging to a point and so dissapointing when you hear or see nothing. Lets hope and then perhaps i can get some proper sleep.. Can anyone advise some tips ?, i was going to ask the lady if i can put his cage in her garden to see if he will come down. She has been so good she has put out some fruit and peanuts for him so i will check on them but, im worried that since it was 3 days ago he may have moved further away now..?? lets hope not. xxx
  14. The way i'm looking at things at the moment is that our baby Marley is still missing but, i won't stop helping others reunite. I just hope we can have that soon aswell... xx
  15. Hi, i saw this on John Hayward's site, this culd be him...lets hope he gets reunited soon. 20827 Ref: 8979/09 Lost on 24.5.09 at Folkestone a Goffin's Cockatoo xx
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