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  1. aurorablues

    Singing Amazon - so funny!! lol

    Awww, he'll be doing the dance next
  2. aurorablues

    Shinda was so hungry...

    OMG!! :shock: :lol:
  3. aurorablues

    Great new foot toys from Yvonne!

    Cheers Yvonne for the info I was hoping to order some bits and bobs from you in the new year to keep Oscar going. Then my next purchase will be a Saw, a Vice clamp and some Pine from B&Q
  4. aurorablues

    They bicker often..

    Awww "Want a tickle?" Bless
  5. aurorablues

    Scotch Bonnets!

    Good question Pip, i was wondering that too
  6. aurorablues

    Piccies of Oscar

    I got myself a new camara
  7. aurorablues

    Scotch Bonnets!

    Oscar loves his chillies. It took me quite sometime to realise that his kisses were causing my burning lips Great pics Pip
  8. aurorablues

    Great new foot toys from Yvonne!

    have you thought of doing your own pine blocks, I know I have lots of other things on my site, but its the pine the birds love best. if you need any help in making your own toys, just email me. mine love a dish full of pine blocks, they turn them into tiny pieces in no time I have thought about it Yvonne. I need to get myself a vice and a saw though. Oscar loves a bowl full of pine and pine foot toys to chew on. He has a bowl of already destryed pine bits to go through as well, he loves making the pieces as small as they can possibly go.
  9. aurorablues

    Great new foot toys from Yvonne!

    I'd buy the whole lot if i could afford it
  10. aurorablues

    Christmas Dinner in a recession

    :lol: Bless her
  11. aurorablues

    Scotch Bonnets!

    Chilli kisses are fun..... ....Not!
  12. aurorablues

    Is my butt too big?

    He's a gorgeous little boy
  13. aurorablues

    pictures..just coz

    Great Pics
  14. aurorablues

    Would you pay 90 pounds!!

    I'd love to put some pictures up. Not sure how long they would last though. I put a poster up and Oscar kept trying to land on the top of it. It was ripped within a few hours
  15. aurorablues

    Who's a clever boy then..

    I noticed something today. When Oscar is chewing on a toy or something he's not supposed to. If i hold my hand out in front of him. He'll drop it in my hand