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  1. The aviary is very close to the house ,it is covered from the weather and has a felt wooden roof. I dont believe hes lonely he appears very happy playing and surely if he was lonely and unhappy he would feather pluck. He has full feathers and never has plucked. He has company from my conure and i go in twice a day. I think he will be aclimatised alot and has been out almost 2 years.
  2. I had a baby and no room for him in the house, He has a conure in there too in another enclosed section they can see each other. I had 2 options either an aviary or rehome the latter wasnt an option as he is quite a nervous bird very one person and took me a year to gain his trust and he came from a pet shop no ring and i didnt want his stressed again. Do you really think he would benefit from a companian or would they fight? This reply is above a year ago and as you know the temperatures are -8 + and he still wont go in his inside enclosure. He is a very happy healthy bird.
  3. Thanks everyone for the tips. I will give them a try and also get some perspex fitted.
  4. We put our African Grey in an outside aviary a few months back. The problem is im worried now as the colder weather is coming and he wont go inside. he just spends all his time in the flight. We have tried locking him in the enclosed section for a few days but once released he doesnt go back in. We have also tried moving food and water from the flight in to the enclosed section for 2 days and that didnt work either. Has antone got any tips. the flight is 10 x 6 ft with attached 4 x 6ft enclosed section.
  5. Hi Brooke, Yes its me from Freecycle. The reason I wanted the know the thickness of 16 gauge is we are having an aviary fitted. The company we had it from was messing us about regarding the gauge of the mesh. When it arrives I want to check its 16 gauge and not 19. From what I can see 16 gauge should be 1.626mm
  6. I think I know the answer but just want to check against someone else. Thanks Gav
  7. Thank you everyone for the replies. Very interesting and it has certainly given me something to think about.
  8. Thanks for replying. What do you mean by double mesh?. Is it mesh on the inside and outside of the frame. Im going to be away now for a week but would still like to hear from others. Thanks Gav
  9. Hi All, We have having an outside avairy for our African grey and wondered what would be the best size and gauge of mesh to use. I was thinking 1" x 1" 16 gauge but not sure. We dont tend to have a vermin problem. Any help would be great. Below is the style of avairy we are looking at getting.
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