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  1. Thought I'd send a reply now as they say they wanted to ensure it didn't happen in the future with no mention of what will happen to the bags already in circulation. Will be interesting to see if they reply that they are going to investigate more. Somehow I doubt they will recall. I still think its possible that it was a bad harvest and other suppliers might still be using older seeds as VL is worldwide so turnover might be quicker. The Hagen is a bit better but not much. Here's my reply I received a letter in reply to my query but am not very happy with it. It looks like a standard letter and it does not say anything about what is wrong with the seeds or whether the products already in retail will still be sold. As I said it was both bags that were the same so it looks like the whole lot are likely to be affected. I will not be using the voucher to replace the bag as there is no way I will risk giving this food to my birds. As I also mentioned it is not just this product that I have used that has the poor quality safflower seeds in but 2 of your other products as well. The bags with 2013 dates seem to be not as poor as the 2014 bags so the quality is obvious deteriorating over time. I do not have any faith that all the safflower seeds used in your mixes during the same packing period are not also the same unacceptable quality so as soon as I can find suitable alternatives without safflower included I shall no longer purchase from you. My concern was that birds will become ill because the seeds are so small and it isn't easy to see the quality of them unless you look carefully. Your reply does not give me any reason to believe that this will not happen.
  2. Not very satisfactory reply from Versele Laga. Doesn't explain what was wrong or say anything about the rest of the seed mixes. Might try e-mailing once more but doubt they will give any more information. Just hope no birds get ill because of the seeds. The use by date was 2014 can't imagine how bad they will be by then. Will find alternatives now.
  3. Received a reply from Versele Laga asking me to send the photo so I have. Will update when the reply again. Picking out the safflower seeds is becoming really tedious!
  4. Sorry to disagree Neil Timneh posted Jackie Amos's name prior to my posting anything which identified the group. Also why do you assume I was making this known on here without the group's admin knowing. I checked with them first and they knew exactly what I was going to post. This also was posted on the Parrotcare thread, page 14 . The whole Greysroost involvement and fierce protection of June is all rather bizarre. These are the people who June sent several of her Macaws to when she claimed she had rehomed all her birds (including sending Mollie back to Lea) Greysroost call themselves a rescue and rehoming service and the lady claims to have been rescuing and rehoming for decades. She stated recently on her group that her books show that she has rehomed 97 birds in the past year and that she has experience from working in a birdpark. When someone asked which birdpark that was, she declined to answer saying that the park was inundated with requests for rehomings last time she mentioned their name. These are also the people who I believe were mentioned in another thread here, who, despite having no charity status are soliciting sponsorship and donations for their birds. What I find rather baffling is that if all those claims are true why is she even stating that she is breeding Greys in this post from just last July? Edited by caron-j, 10 May 2013 - 09:32 AM. and also this from Timneh Also, how strange that we hadn't heard of Greyroost before all this about ParrotCare blew up? Another point - soon after the number of macaws living with GreyRoost in small living accommodation was questioned, theMacawMansion part of the title was dropped. I also notice that her members are watching all the postings on ParrotLine - including this thread and their reaction is rather extreme. Like This To walk away from cruelty is guilty of helping that cruelty to continue. Some of the details above were repeated on this thread before I posted anything. If someone hadn't infiltrated the group how could they possibly know details of what's written in this closed group. Incidentally the premises aren't small it a very large converted shop with a rear extension. Don't know where that idea came from. This is the 3rd thread that has maligned rescues with broad sweeping statements. Its also the 3rd that has included details of things that were taken from discussions on the group, giving specific details. This one now complaing about how people have been thrown off the group. If that's not wrong then don't know what is. Wouldn't you do the same if it was aimed at this group? Am mystified as to why you are allowing a few people to repeatedly malign in effect all the people who run rescues. If this was being done about Parrot Link would you not try to stop it?
  5. The group is closed so how come you know so much about what has been posted on there. Now that speaks volumes Its the 3rd post where its signed Alison and its clearly Jackie who replied so out of all the names possible why use Alison? That also speaks volumes. Its an hour and a half since I asked my question and no reply as yet. A simple yes or no would suffice. Tired of hitting my head against a brick wall so no further comments from me. People will make up their own minds.
  6. Thanks for your reply Sonic. I agree with a lot you have said but things in the real world are being affected by this constant campaign to discredit rescues especially when underhand methods are being used to influence real people. You say To the people who do know things I would suggest they report these things to the relevant authorities so something can actually be done about it. This is exactly what I have been saying all along. But still this isn't happening. The way all this has been handled makes it unlikely it ever will which just leaves accusations and denials with no proof. Just one other point If the people complaining about being removed from the group have no connection to this conspiracy then why are they messaging Caron and filling her inbox. Alison your own words condemn you no-one else needs to. So are you saying you know nothing of Linda Moore or anyone she knows?
  7. Some seriously defamatory remarks being made on here, hope you have concrete evidence of the things you are accusing this rescue of doing. Concerning the remarks regarding Linda Moore. Here's a few examples of her posts and replies given to her regarding quarantine posted with the group's moderator's permission. (Had to remove the avatars as this forum wouldn't let me post that many images but have the original layout copied) · 7 May at 22:23 · Like · 3 Linda Moore Sounds like you don't put newcomers in quarantine when they arrive - and, knowing how good they are at hiding illness, that would worry me. These 2 newbies are gorgeous - Ammies are my all time favourites! 7 May at 22:43 · Like Greysroost Macawmansion I have no concerns what so ever with regards to the health of these to babies as they come from someone I have known for a long while, if I have any doubts with regards to and illness or suspect that a bird may have come from a bad housing situation or dont know background history etc then the need for quarantine would be paramount 7 May at 22:48 · Edited · Like Linda Moore I fully understand - guess I'm just a worry guts - after reading about what happened to some people on other forums. Perhaps they didn't know the back grounds of the birds as well as you do with the ones that come to you? 7 May at 22:49 · Like · 1 Greysroost Macawmansion I dont profess to know the back grounds of all birds Linda, but I do know these 2 , I have safe house for any that need treatments etc, the birds in that case dont actually even come here under those circumstances as I wouldnt take the risk 7 May at 22:51 · Like · 3 Linda Moore Thanks for explaining - hope you didn't mind me asking? 7 May at 22:54 · Like Greysroost Macawmansion why would I mind? 7 May at 22:54 · Like Charlie W Leyton I'm glad Linda asked about quarantine as I'm new to parrots and was wondering the same but didn't like to ask in case i offended 7 May at 22:56 · Like · 1 Greysroost Macawmansion never take offence at questions Charlie W Leyton have been doing this for 20 years and have never made a bad judgement call yet when it comes to who to quarantine etc, I wouldnt ever take a risk with any birds 7 May at 22:58 · Like · 3 Charlie W Leyton new to parrot groups too so never quite sure about asking questions 7 May at 22:58 · Like · 1 Greysroost Macawmansion always ask questions its the only way we all learn 7 May at 22:59 · Like · 2 And also · actually this is quite a good topic raised by Linda Moore so be interested to see what other members do when getting a new parrot, come on members lets have your thoughts, But this one is the best. Linda Moore Can you help my friend, please. She phoned last night, saying she is having an extension built on her house and wants her 2 BG Macaws to stay elsewhere whilst the work is being done. I can't have them stay with me, so she's looking for someone else who can help. I know the heading says Rescue/Rehome, but wondered if Greyroost accepts long stay birds as well? Thought I would ask here before suggesting to her that Debs may be able to help. The work starts early next month, but she doesn't know exactly when it will finish. She hasn't got her computer working at the moment - thanks to 2 beaks left unattended for 5 minutes! - how many of us have been there??!! - so I will have to be the messenger for the time being. Thanks for any help. Like · · Follow post · Friday at 12:33 · Jackie Amos Debs internet is down still so not online, will be speaking to her later & will ask her, unless she comes online before then. Friday at 12:36 · Like Linda Moore WOW! That was a quick reply - thank you, Alison. Friday at 12:38 · Like and · Friday at 12:50 via mobile · Like · Jackie Amos Sorry, Alison?? Debs does not do long or short term stays due to the fact that the space may be needed for rescue birds & not knowing where the birds have come from due to quaranteening proceedures...maybe some one else may be able to help, she said she will look to see if she has a number for you to contact...hope this helps. Friday at 12:52 · Like Think you can see that there is no animosity in the replies given and quarantine is followed by this rescue. And most significantly that Linda AKA Alison dropped herself in it by signing her name at the end of her first reply to Jackie so please don't try to explain that away. What has really angered true members of the group is posts like this from her. · 9 May at 13:15 · Like · Linda Moore Just want to say that I have never deliberately insulted anyone and I do not snipe. June Edwards saved the life of one of my birds September 2011, so I will always be grateful to her. She even gave advice to the vet treating my bird. Regarding June's knowledge of health issues with parrots, I have nothing but the greatest regard. 9 May at 13:15 · Like · 5 If only! And you wonder why the group has removed people This person is also saying this on the group · Saturday at 16:40 via mobile · Like · 2 · Charlie W Leyton i dont have a clue whats been going on but if they are lying about this group then thats not on Saturday at 16:43 · Like No its not on! and also · 9 May at 12:37 via mobile · Like · 3 · Charlie W Leyton I'm new to parrots and have joined groups hoping to learn and prob others here are new too. I can see why people think good practice should be promoted like not feeding junk and allowing dogs to play with birds. I havent seen anyone being nasty so cant see why they are getting jumped on for pointing stuff out and being told they are sniping when they are just wanting good advice given. 9 May at 12:50 · Like · 1 And this was posted on here next day There has recently been a lot of debate on Parrot groups and forums about bad husbandry practices and dangerous advice. Some examples are the feeding of junk food, allowing interaction of other pets with birds, and even someone giving advice to spray a feather plucker with mouthwash or diluted honey. All posted in a closed group that can only be seen by members. Not feeding information from the group then! Like anz3001 said if you've got any evidence then follow the correct channels but then be prepared for the consequences of your actions when investigations by the proper authorities don't back up your version. The truth will out regarding all that has happened this year.
  8. I don't agree that my responses were off topic. It has been a perfect example of what happens when someone tries to point out that a dog/bird picture isn't appropriate on an open forum or public photo album both of which can be viewed by anyone of any age. Caron's own words as quoted above implore me to point it out if a post is made online so I did. I posted the link without comment because given the current situation nothing I could have said was going to be accepted as not being personal. I gave Caron the opportunity to remove the photo so the link wouldn't have worked and I would just have looked like a plank. Instead she couldn't resist having a go so she made it personal not me. She'd previously said that no excuse was valid but here gives her excuse as 'it wasn't my dog or bird'. It doesn't matter whose dog/bird it was the fact is the person making it viewable is responsible for the risk of someone imitating it. This is exactly what Caron was castigating others for doing in the first post. Rescue, authority or not everyone is responsible for the pictures they have links to that are public as there is no control over who sees them. (Unlike a closed Facebook group where members are known and novices can be advised if necessary.) Its not guaranteed that someone isn't looking at a totally unrelated thread and clicks on the signature link and sees the picture without knowing what else has been written especially as the description was just the names. Now I considered very carefully if I should post the link knowing what the result might be but I couldn't not do it and risk some bird being harmed because it wasn't removed. As the signature link has now been removed I'm happy with the result even if it meant having another tirade aimed at me. My conscience is clear. I have done what I set out to do. Animalia the relevance is that by making the picture available in public with no reference to any discussion regarding its dangers it is condoning this type of picture even if by default. Caron didn't make it clear on the picture that she didn't condone it even though it could also be viewed without reference to here as it is public. As for whether or not you would respond with your views what's happened here to me having given mine might just put even more people off sharing theirs. What's not relevant about all this? By the way all my birds are fully flighted and I don't condone wing clipping, birds are meant to fly and anz3001 you speak a lot of sense, I applaud you.
  9. Picture was posted on Caron's public Photobucket Album with no explanation as to how dangerous it is. It is easily accessible from her signature where novices could see it so just upholding my duty of care to point this out.
  10. Any responsible owner knows that these practices are not recommended. Perhaps we all, as caring bird owners owe a duty of care and have a responsibility to point out the dangers to those who are perhaps new to bird keeping and may not be aware of the risks or detrimental effect involved. Do you sit back and say nothing when you see these posts made online, or speak up with the risk of being castigated for doing so? The bird could potentially lose it's life or be seriously maimed for what? A cute photo opportunity?
  11. http://i306.photobucket.com/albums/nn262/caron017/gilbertandbenji.jpg
  12. I tried a couple of Hagen mixes today and their safflower seeds are slightly better but still look a bit grey so still picking them out until they all return to normal. Not heard back from Versele Laga yet. Looks like its either all the seeds harvested or that a large proportion weren't stored well before being sent to the makers of the mixes. Wish they would just leave them out instead of using them and putting birds at risk.
  13. I'll be interested to read the replies. I have had one hen on 5 but only 2 fertile and another who last time hatched 6 of 6 but this time had 7 all blank. I also feed best food I can get and supplements so don't understand what's happening either.
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