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  1. Hi gem and milli, yes we added him with the others on Monday 2 days before the actual date as I had my landlord doing work! he is settled in well sandy appears to be testing him but he seems to be able to fought back! he is a nice bird but he doesn't like being picked up at random and has split my fingernail in the process as he bites and will refuse to let go lol anyway the next step i want to do is now get them eating fruit and veg if it kills me we changed there seeds to the pets at home one as the contents seem alot better then the Wilko "Cockatiel" stuff and it has to many sunflowers in there for them ive ried giving them sweetcorn, peas carrots cooked in the past but none were intrested in that am I doing something wrong do they eat it raw? I still need to get the drops you suggested I gave them all a bath the other day and I noticed Wileys nose was all flaky so I picked at it all off and in horror it looks like he has had this stuff all over him for ages on his nose which I thought was just normal poor bird when will people learn birds need bathed just as much as people do
  2. Does anyone know if the RSPCA aviaries outside are heated at all? I so tried everything to rehome BT the Cockatiel from the Ipswich branch but they won't budge Not even for money! Yes I understand that it's a stressful process journey wise and I wouldnt want the bird to be in some discomfort cause of it I accept that! But I'm here wanted to help this bird and they give me the impression there just sluggish and not willing I read a story about 2 ferrets from this branch who have been with them for nearly 3 years aswell ?
  3. Hi Gemstone, I took a gamble and bathed them all individually last week even "Wiley" he was abit nippy but seemed to enjoy a warm bath he even say in the Duvet and dried of like the others do ? He has 2 more weeks to go I've not seen anything I'm worried about health wise although I noticed he has a bald patch behind his crest is this something in young birds? I remember Missy had this when I got her also although it's covered itself up abit over the years I did read it's likely cause of her mutation (Pearl Cockatiel) I've never used those drops or the F10 disinfectant but I will have a look next time I'm at pet shop, they are clean birds in always cleaning them up from top to bottom so I doubt they will have fleas lol
  4. He's still abit frightened he's in a smaller cage For a month then he can go with the others ? I bath them weekly I'm not looking forward to bathing him at all ? I named him "Wiley" as he took a While for me to find I should of named him Raptor I think ? He's eating and drinking lots doesn't like it when I change his food bowls or clean him out either ? Got my hands full with that one I think ?
  5. Hi Gemstone, I went and had this wee little guy earlier http://www.usedwolverhampton.co.uk/classified-ad/6-month-old-cockateil-_23932869.lite Same colour as Teallie and he has one horrible bite on him my poor fingers lol
  6. Thanks Gemstone, Are you local to me and by any chance have you A Bird same colour as Teallie ?! My new bird I rescued of gumtree from a breeder which kept birds in a awful condition local to me, is a charcoal dark grey and has abit of white On her head too my other 2 missy is a pearl and sandy I think a cinnamon pied but his colouring looks more brown ?
  7. Thanks gemstone, Sadly he's a pied cockatiel I saw some of those At my pet shop the other day selling for £70 There lovely birds, but I really do just want a Normal grey tiel again like Teallie, I'm unsure if Teallie was a different type of grey tiel as he was lighter grey then most of the darker Tiels you see around! Anyway I'm continuing to look everyday and rspcas up and across the country have advised me to look at there site everyday still! I've contacted a lot of those classifieds adds but a lot never do get in touch back which leads me to believe there scams or birds have just gone anyway to other homes! Btw will keep looking if o get knowhete by April I will purchase a grey tiel from Hollybush garden centre in Cannock although I'd rather like a rescued one as they have lovely storylines ?
  8. None not so ever Milli I really wanted to hepl BT the Cockatiel from Ipswich RSPCA but not even the offer of me paying them petrol money to bring him over to me seems tempting enough! ive had a few other responses just telling me they'd keep me in mind of any Cockatiels they have in but thats about it really!
  9. Kerry78

    Ipswich > West Midlands

    I would like to rehome BT the cockatiel from the Ipswich rspca I've spoken to them emailed them to see whether they could accept petrol money to bring him to me but they won't! My last straw is to find a lovely member here who could pick him up and bring him to me from that rspca I would pay petrol money
  10. Hi Net, yes go ahead I've been contacting RSPCA all weekend without much luck it's heartbreakng ?
  11. Hi, I guess but I always get the impression they end up breeding birds and selling them that way I mean look at all the unwanted birds cos of that? I rang RSPCA Ipswich earlier to try and rehome BT the Cockatiel however they couldn't help me and said it was too far and stressful for him if they were to re-locate him to a nearby RSPCA near me! So sad I wish I could drive *sob*
  12. Hi Net, I've not seen many rescues on Facebook Yet can you point me out some if any? I also took a look at the RSPCA website and noticed Cockatiels available at 4 different branches across the UK the nearest is Nottingham but pretty hard to get to without a car! I did fall in love with this little guy: http://www.rspca.org.uk/findapet/details/-/Animal/BT/ref/BSA2034237/rehome/ He's really far from me but I'd take him on In a instance I've asked if they could probably transfer him to a local branch so I could have him I'm unsure if they will though ? So sad I really want him ??
  13. Hi Net, I don't know of any rescues near me I registered on Bird line before I got Teallie in 2009 but they told me I would have t pay £20 to become a member for fostering birds looking at there site I can alot of birds situated far across the UK anyway and there a registered Scotland charity! iv'e been messaging a few of these classified adds saying I would be happy to adopt there bird etc but I think they just want money for them! if anyone knows of any rescues in the West Midlands near my postcode "DY6 8EW" please please let me know
  14. It really upsets me seeing how many unwanted parrots end up on classified pages for money! I just spent €404 on a Large cage from Germany and £70 on a Stand for my birds for Christmas since my cage is large enough I have been contacting these people to see if they'd like to donate there bird to me as I would like another Grey make tiel so bad as I miss my bird Teallie But these heartless people just say no we want money for it how disgusting is the human race these days? Very upset over this indeed! I would love another male tiel anyway If anyone can advise me where to go from here That be great I hate seeing unwanted birds and I want to help them it's so cruel what these low life's are doing!!!!
  15. Kerry78

    Sources for buying birds

    Thanks for that site to I'm actually looking to get a new cage I really want the Montana Miami cage Just wish they had more stock in the UK of it tbh I've seen a few used ones but I can't get no one to use a courier to send it my way lol My partner has told me he will buy me a Rainforest Montreal corner cage for them however I do prefer the Montana one way more And he won't cough up £350 lol Haha hope I get this new job I've got interview for next week ??