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  1. as a director of parrotcare I will have my say I visited june twice I did not see anything to be worried about the birds all appeared to be happy and well cared for I did not know anything that was going on behind the sceans so to speak I never had access to the books so had no idea of funds ect I live 200 miles away from june so could not just pop in for a coffee but as I say all seamed well if I have been taken for a mug it is my own fault I expect I will be ripped apart on here
  2. no he is the bigger cousin of them the bull mastif was known as the game keepers dog they used to hold poachers to the floor untill the game keeper got there my diesal would sit on a poacher and crush them as he weighs in at 11 stone and if not crush them he would drown them in his slobber or lick them to death
  3. we have a bull mastiff he would get a stranger down on the floor and drown them in his slobber you cannot be house proud with a mastiff his sheer size scares people but he is as daft as a box of frogs
  4. no not with a bath but he also keeps saying im going to the chippy i have a very busy bird
  5. ky keeps saying im going for a bath
  6. iv got one of them buggy things for parrots bought it from june 3 years ago got the mesh on the front folds down like a normal buggy £80 will try and put a pic on later
  7. yes my dave (ducorps) hates anything yellow toys food anything
  8. i have used this for 6 months but the last bag was crap so gone back on as20
  9. having lost my nephew in afganistan this day means so much to our family
  10. yes when we used to have kennels we were always given the same old story well if you dont have him he will be pts so we ended up with 60 racing greyhounds that nobody wanted we re-homed all but it took us 3 years now 9 parrots 2 dogs and a cat is easy
  11. two things my dad tought me in life never eat yellow snow and never turn your back on a too hope you recover soon
  12. and me they know what they are talking about
  13. wooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooo jaguar is back
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