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  1. Haha! That photo of George is absolutely stunning! He looks so clean as well haha The macaws I worked with at Bird World were always covered in fruit and bits all over there beaks, they were pretty messy! We're quite lucky where we are, out in the sticks, so the noise isn't too much of an issue, the nearest neighbours are quite a way away. So no problems there. Besides, they have chickens, hens and cockerals, so if anything my baby would just be competition for noise levels! Haha I think you'll all be pleased to hear as well, that we have decided to go for a Black Palm Cockatoo! Only kidding! Haha We're going for a Hahn's macaw, and we've found a lovely young one to rehome as well. Going to meet him on wednesday and then see where it goes from there. But to be honest, he seems like the perfect match! So hopefully, come next week, or the following, we should have a little addition to our family. Looking at cages tommorrow and monday hopefully as well so all will be set up for him long before he comes home with us. Donna! Haha! Just asked Ben about David's fish! He just replied with "Which one!? Ponyo!?" Haha He's heard a lot about them. So yes, if anyone has any tips and things they think I should know about bringing this little Hahn's into our family feel free, but don't panic, i've done my reading!
  2. Hi again everyone! Thanks for all your replies and comments =) Donna, i'll have to come round and meet yourself and George soon and then maybe I can get a better grip on macaw's behaviour towards their mummy and time demands etc. Thank you! =) Net - Haha Yea, even my budgie thinks she's a macaw. She isn't scared of anything! It's pretty cute to be honest. Fuzz - Thank you, i've been considering a Galah at the moment as they seem to fit with my lifestyle quite well although i'm still looking at the Macaw's and thinking everything through, I wouldn't want to get a Galah and then a few months/years down the road get a macaw and then not give the attention needed to the Galah. Still a lot of thinking! Claytonfarlow - Yea, Hyacinth is probably a no go unless I somehow win the lottery! Hm, I did think about a Hahns as well but again I was thinking, if a smaller bird like a macaw is almost as intelligent as a full blown macaw shouldn't I just go for the one I prefer? As long as I can give it everything it needs? Angulang and suebarrass - Haha Like I said, my budgie, Kairi, is awful! She rules the roost here. Haha greyeyes - I used to work with macaws at Bird World and have much experience with how demanding and time consuming they are so you don't have to worry about that aspect of it, i've done plenty of research and have worked with these birds previously. Even though I do have a lot of pets, they are not overly time consuming, the reptiles take care of themselves essentially and don't really enjoy interaction with humans, even though I do offer it to them daily. The cats are technically my mothers which I just fuss/feed from time to time. Haha The dog is technically my other halfs as she lives with his parents and again I feed/fuss/medicate occasionally when i'm needed to, the fish are fish... As bad as that sounds, I still love them but they don't take much, and the budgie, Kairi, is really the only one I spend lots of my time with, although unfortunately she doesn't really enjoy human company due to her past i'd assume, so i'll be getting her a friend soon. Not that she/they won't still get plenty of my time and attention. I only work part time and most days i'm at home. And when i'm not at home my other half is as he works full time but mostly from home. And both of us are there in the evening to give the bird attention. I would never rehome a parrot, I may ask for advice from others but even if I did get this "starter" parrot I would never then disown them for an "upgrade". I would be more worried that I wouldn't have time for both, which is why surely it's better to just go for the one you've always wanted, even if they are big birds with big demands? I was actually being trained with in bird behaviour at Bird World before I left for exams so I've seen all the bad problems and how they should be and can be dealt with. It was pretty sad actually. I would never let any of my pets get into a state beyond my capabilities. Well, I would never let any of my animals get into a bad state. Lol Basically, based on the amount of times on my hands I can't see how much else I can give? The bird wouldn't be left on it's own as either me, my other half or my mum and dad are around and all are in on the idea of getting a parrot. They are all very intelligent and I have taken that into consideration. So, from hearing this, can you give me any more advice as to weather you still think I should start off smaller say, a Galah? And then maybe later consider a macaw? Or, just go for what i've always wanted from the word go? Little Als Mum - Thanks, i'll have a look through that! Tory - Yea, I am getting Kairi another budgie friend soon, unfortunately her previous partner passed away earlier in the year, so she definitely does need a new friend. I'm just looking for the right one at the moment. And a nicer cage. Haha hotfoot jackson - So true. They are all individual, hence why i'd like to spend some time meeting a few of them before I took one on. Thanks everyone! Sorry about the essay! Haha What does anyone think after this essay? Should I start smaller and more handleable and then maybe think of getting a macaw later on? Or should I go for what i've always wanted? Thanks again, x
  3. Haha! Hi! You got me! It's Fi and Ben. Haha I'm guessing this is Donna and David? Your baby looks beautiful in your little picture! Very, very jealous. Haha Me and Ben are thinking of getting a Hahns Macaw or a Galah cockatoo but i've actually got a Hyacinth Macaw on my wish list. How do you find living with your macaw? And how is he? Ben said you were having some issues with pin feathers? I've got some moultone for parrots to help get rid of the keratin if you'd like to borrow it? I'll get Ben to give it to David if you'd like? Sorry to have written an essay. Haha
  4. Hi everyone, =) Names Fiona, Fi for short, i'm 19, 20 on the 21st of December and I live in my own personal zoo! And I want to expand it even further! So, basically, i've come here for advice, which I will listen too but I am also quite stubborn and opinionated so please don't take it personally if it seems as though i'm not listening to you, I will have listened I may just have made up my own mind as well. As said, I already have quite a few animals, here's the list, two cats, Lola and Finnley, A budgie, Kairi, A bearded dragon, Tetra, four leopard geckos, Charmander, Soco, Flux and Topaz, A crested gecko, Brick, an Irish red setter dog, Molly and finally, two fancy goldfish, Babel and Sir Nom Yummington the Third. Soon I will be adding a few more cresties to the group, hopefully a snake, possibly another bearded dragon and another budgie or two! BUT, what I really want to add to my happy family is a PARROT! I've looked at many different species of parrot and have had experience with most, I used to work at Bird World and so was surrounding by the babies most days, absolutely loved it. Now, my main question is, do you think there is any point starting with a smaller parrot that you kind of want but could do without having, or just going straight ahead with the hard work, full blown, massive, screaming, big beaked baby that you've wanted for YEARS? So, hi to everyone and please let me know what you think =) Thanks, Fi x
  5. Where shall I post them? Haha I'm being a bit silly tonigh!
  6. Just saying hi, relatively new here, only posted a couple of times so thought I would properly introduce myself. I'm Fiona, I current;y have two budgies, Theo and Kairi, who are both lovely! Me and my other half are looking into getting a bigger parrot though hopefully after we move out. I work at BirdWorld in Farnham, Surrey, and I absolutely LOVE it. Get some good experience with loads of different types of parrots and other birds. Trying to find where I can upload some of my photos but, not sure where? Anyway, yea, HI! Haha =) xXx
  7. I volunteer at Birdworld and I absolutely LOVE IT. I have so much fun working there! Haha And it was good of you not to risk your fingers with that Macaw, he's a bit of an angry bugger... Haha He's not too bad but he nips occasionally, but he is BEAUTIFUL! Haha x
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