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  1. Hmmm.... I`m convinced it`s mites because of the way she`s behaiving. She`s not as unsettled now but at her worst she had mites I`m sure of it. I plan to clean the cage again, this time finishing up with a quarter pint of water and two cc`s of frontline to wipe it down with. That`s what I do with my snakes and it protects the cage for a while at least. I can`t help but feel the vet will just diagnose boredom, really not help much and charge me fouty quid for the privelige. If this continues I`ll have no choice, she`ll have to go to the vet but for now I think she`s better off not put through all that. I`ll keep her warm, clean her cage a lot and give her the odd spray. If it happens a third time, off to the vets... It has been very warm and humid here recently, that can`t help with mites can it.......
  2. Hi folks ! I`ve got a problem with my little maddam "Feeby" About a month ago she started going nuts and was quite obviously very distressed, jumping around the cage and scratching herself. She pulled out every single feather on her fron, legs too, even a bit of wing. I immedeatly thought mites and went upstairs to get the front line. She seemed to calm down the next day. Unfortunatly, one month later (frontline protection period) it`s happened again She`s pulled all the same feathers out, again in five minutes pretty much! I`ve treated her but she`s still looking unhapy, picking and scratching a fair bit. Can anyone think of any problems other than the mites that could be going here? She`s not plucking through bordom or anything, it`s quite obviously irritating her and she`s plucking LOTS of feathers out in minutes... Cheers for your help
  3. I`m the one that does the spraying of the Feebs and she loves it! I give her grapes all the time, talk to her, whistle to her... We;; when she comes out with my wife, Feeby goes across the sofa and gets head tickles, but she also goes onto my wifes shoulder which I know isn`t a good thing is it. That`s about it really, we have a load of toys that she only plays with when she comes out, she likes to throw them off the sofa and play with them. She even feels secure enough to walk across the living room floor ! She stays out for a few hours and then my wife outs her back in, closely followed by some food... She doesn`t protest at having to go back in or anything, she seems fine ! The only problem is she doesn`t like me near her...
  4. Yeah I do know parrots can`t be blamed for anything they do. I`m all too aware that placing human emotions onto your parrot isn`t the thing to do, that was just a comment that`s all lol It`s not possible to do anything with her away from her cage, there is only one suitable room to have her out in and that`s the room her cage is in. I may try the stick training but to be honest I can see her just avoiding it or being so annoyed by it that it`ll do me no favours at all. If it`s what Feeby really wants I`ll just stay out of the way, it would just be nice to be able to put her in her cage that`s all, she could come out when my wife`s not here then. I had hoped that Feeby would realise she has more play time if she doesn`t bite, she gets put back in her cage when she bites but she doesn`t seem to make the connection. Ah well... I`ll just leave her alone then, she obviously doesn`t want me near her. I still interact with her a lot, I taught her all of what she says, all her whistled tunes, it`s me that talks to her all day, but I just can`t go near her when she`s out.
  5. I can see the little maddam just attacking the stick instead but that`s better than chewing on me ! The thing is, if it does reinforce the biting every time she bites, well I just hope I can tell when she`s ready to not bite ! Because she looks really calm and happy, then just turns mental, she`s got a screw loose!
  6. Crazy bird`s got a blood lust ! lol
  7. She was fine until I had to try and get her to step up, then she just bit the hell out of me. She`s wasn`t agressive at first, then she just turned... I`m not even going to be happy about her being out around me for a while now.... grrrr.
  8. Well that`s quite a surprise to me ! My wifes out tonight so I might try and get Feebs out if I`m feeling brave enough lol I`ve no doubt I`ll be nursing more cuts and bruises later...
  9. I`ve always presumed that a bite from a Macaw, with that huge beak and a larger head, would be much worse than a grey? Is that not the case? I`ve got a nice picture of Feeby here I`d like to use as my avatar but I can`t seem to get it down to 6mb, shame... Well, my hand really isn`t too sore at all this morning, the one thing I do worry about a little is if she got me somewhere like between my thumb and forefinger or something, she might actually do some damage ! lol I think now I`ve done that once, I might try and be the one to put her back in each evening and just see if she gets better after a while. She may well do. I`ll make sure I have a grape on hand to give her when she`s gone in, but I`d be giving her that regardless of any biting. I think maybe I`ll find a suitable book and follow some written instructions eventually. It`s time that Feeby of mine went to parrot school !
  10. Well after being out in the living room for a couple of hours I thought I`d try and be the one to put her back in the cage. She was sat right next to me for the last hour looking totally relaxed so I figure she doesn`t feel scared or anything.... I offered my finger and she savaged me straight away ! lol Wow she can bite hard!! I didn`t react, and calmly said come on then Feebs, offered my finger again and got a similar reaction. Then, while I was stood there wondering whether to try again or leave it, she put her foot up in the air a few times ! So I picked her up and put her back in. Maybe if I try that each time she`s out the biting will get less and less....
  11. Feebs got more and more bitey with me, culminating in me not being able to be around when she`s out about six months ago. Since then, i`ve tried and tried and now she`ll accept my finger through the bars ( that took a lot of work, she`d attack straight away for ages) gradually over the last six months or so, I`ve gotten to where I am at the moment. It`s interesting that you say she is being protective over my wife, I hadn`t thought of it like that. I suppose there`s one way to test that theory isn`t there, I`ll let her out with no wife around some time soon and see what the result is there. Although I think I`d have to be careful hoe far I pushed it with her, maybe keeping it to trying to get her to step up to my finger without biting. As for care, my wife does the cleaning of the cage, I have a nasty bad back but I could certainly feed her more often, my wife mainly does that at the moment. If it`s possible that could make a difference I`ll give it a go. Well that`s two new things I`ve got to try there isn`t it, I`ll let you know how I get on. If anyone else has any suggestions, I`m happy to hear them, thankyou for your help
  12. Thankyou Being as she`s already hand tame, but just bites me, I wonder if this would come under behavoiral problems?
  13. Thanks for that Greg, I`ll email you in a minute, I`m grateful of all the help I can get. Feeby doesn`t hate me or anything, she just bites lol We`ve made some progress actually, I can put my finger into the cage and touch the side of her face which she seems to like and she doesn`t bite me like she used to.That`s a sign of trust isn`t it. I always acknowledge her when I come into the room and give her grapes and stuff in the day in the hope she assosiates me with treats. I did manage to pick her up off the floor the other day without any fuss so she must trust me to an extent. Although I`m emailing Greg here, please everyone feel free to add your ten pence worth in this thread ! The more the merrier.....
  14. As far as I know, the "one person parrot" thing is a myth, surely I can get her used to being handled by both my wife and myself? She was ok with that at first. I`m interested in trying out the flight commands though, how exactly would they help her ? I suppose it would start her off down the training road and then we could move on to other things? How is it done? Just encorage her? Becon her over?
  15. Hello I`d like to ask some advice from you concerning my African grey parrot Feeby. She`s fairly young still, I think she`s six but I`d have to check her records, I`m quite forgetful lol Anyway, after initially liking both me and my wife, she started to bite me a lot. This progressed to dive bombing me and latching onto my neck every time she was out. She ended up getting close to my wife and I`d just go out of the room when she came out of her cage. The time went on and I became increasingly unhappy with the situation, I really want to be able to be the one dishing out the tickles ! lol So we are trying to re educate Feeby and that`s what I`d like your help with. My strategy thus far has been for my wife to let her out while I sit quietly in the corner, this has happened for about two weeks now and she hasn`t attacked me at all. The next step was to try and get closer to her and show I`m no threat. I`ve calmly put my hand out to try to offer a tickle and she`s there ready to bite straight away. I figure I`ll have to take some bites to make this work so I`m willing to do that and I`m also doing my absolute best to remain silent and not make a fuss when she bites. That`s where I am at the moment. The last time I tried it, she bite me fairly hard straight away, she didn`t seem scared or anything, just hungry for my flesh ! lol She then flew off her cage and tried to fly at my face again but ended up on the floor. I gave her half a minute to calm down and then confidently offered my finger to help her up which she took me up on, I put her back on her cage and that was that. I`m absolutely determined to win her over again, as I say I`m trying not to make a fuss when bitten and I`m being careful not to push things too far at first, baby steps... Can anyone offer any help or advice in my little project here?
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