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  1. greenguy05

    chow chow

    I thought it was a dog lol!!!
  2. greenguy05

    Ruby Is On The Mend Thank God :)

    Thanks Everyone
  3. greenguy05

    Ruby Is On The Mend Thank God :)

    Awe Thankyou so much
  4. Hi all Took Ruby to the vets yesterday as she was still off her food and not acting herself, He gave her a good examination and couldnt find anything out of the ordinary apart from her crop being completely empty, he prescribed some baytril which she has now had two doses of and she already seems to be more playful and has also been eating quite well this morning which is a relief after two days of having to tempt her by hand to eat even the smallest morsel. The vet has recommended we take her back and have her tested for various bacterias and psittacosis once she is feeling herself again. So I can now breathe again Thanks to all who offered advice in my previous post.
  5. greenguy05

    Please Help Advice Needed

    Thanks Jebirds have had the heating whacked up for over an hour now and she really seems to have perked up and is eating and flying etc, I think I will still take her to the vets tomorrow though better to be safe than sorry. Thanks Again
  6. greenguy05

    Please Help Advice Needed

    Hi Paulie Thanks for your reply, Yes she is only a baby she is 5 months old,I dont think she was disturbed during the night, I was wondering fi it could be the cold as the room in which she sleeps is particularly cold today Thanks again
  7. Hi everyone, I have had Ruby for nearly four weeks now and am awoken every morning by the sound of her rattling her toys and playing in her cage, But this morning she hasnt been playing, has hardly eaten and is constantly getting herself into her sleeping position. I have called the vets and made an appointment for tomorrow. Any advice as to what could be wrong with her would be greatly appreciated Thankyou all in advance
  8. greenguy05

    RIP Eddie

    Sorry to hear that, Fly Free Babyx
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    Hiya All (Kerry78)

    Hi Kerry, Welcome to the site.
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    newbie here - (jaguar)

    Hi and welcome Jaguar
  11. greenguy05

    Hi all meet Ruby

    Awe Thankyou, I would have to agree with you all lol
  12. greenguy05

    Hi all meet Ruby

    Thankyou all so much for your lovely comments
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    For Greenguy05

    Thankyou all for your kind words xx
  14. greenguy05

    Hi all meet Ruby

    Thank you