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  1. Merryfeather isn't bothered about the keyboard but stripped all the rubber off the mousewheel when we weren't looking and as I type I have a wobbly backspace key on the laptop as Muffin pulled it off and broke a little clip that holds it on. The casualties of naughty little conures at some point I'll get it repaired. Glad to see it isn't just us!
  2. Aww Dolly looks like a lovely old girl. Hope her and Gypsy get on well
  3. They are so sweet! Henry is very well behaved...
  4. I've got my box of free samples and the conures really love them, the nutricakes are going down well with them and the nutriberries are of interest too! Going to try the strange foraging treat which I need to bake next. I was really surprised by the generosity considering how many enquiries they have had, I hope they get good business from this! (can you tell I feel a bit guilty!)
  5. When I was staying in Cambridge the local Tesco had something similar to this, worryingly it was for deterring all the little starlings that liked to frequent the car park and nest in all the trolleys (I thought they were terribly sweet but someone must have disagreed...half the trolleys weren't being used and those were what they were in) It did work on them for a while but soon enough they were back and didn't seem bothered. I could hear the noise as well and it was rather annoying (I was 20 at the time) even though the customer service people claimed I shouldn't have been able to hear it. I don't think they're a great idea, as has been said there are plenty of under 25s (I like to think my husband and myself included) who are useful and productive members of society and I would rather not have ringing in my ears wandering about!
  6. So a few weeks later and the conures are well and truly settled in and ruling the roost! We've had a few problems like them trying to chew on the cable for the ceiling light (we've gone and bought one with a solid metal piece covering the power supply to the light) and them finding and excavating a little bit of exposed plaster in the wall above the window (solved with ugly wooden board). We've hopefully managed to suitably reinforce our house now though and all is well. They are becoming increasingly more affectionate towards us, though neither is very keen on us trying to give them a head scratch yet. We've recieved lots of preening and the pair are spending more and more time just hanging out on our heads/shoulders. "Nip" training is also getting somewhere, with Muffin now being gentle with us 50% of the time and Merryfeather still being very good with gentle nibbles only. Here is Muffin helping me to backcomb my hair (it wasn't planned to be like that, but he had other ideas...). Merryfeather had been helping too, but she didn't want her picture taken and mysteriously vanished. Both having a sleepy cuddle on the very popular curtain rail. Muffin's face is so funny Finally some new bizarre behaviour: one of their favourite activities just now is to wriggle down the back of the sofa cushions. Does anyone know why they do that? They often burrow out of sight, and it makes me nervous as I don't want them getting stuck or sufforcating, I do check on them frequently when they play this game. It's also created a rule for anyone coming into the room to not sit down until they can see 2 conures!
  7. How mean saying she's the ugliest bird ever! She's really cute and happy!
  8. I'm convinced birds sneeze sometimes when they're happy. Or it could just be my imagination, but it certainly seems that way!
  9. Wow he's pretty good! Would love it if my two would talk that nicely one day.
  10. I'd personally avoid spraying any alcohol around them and if we are doing any drinking (especially if we're having people round in the evening) we have a spare cage set up in another room where the birds can get peace and quiet for sleep and no risk of nasty fumes. Not sure if it is a risk but I'm erring on the side of caution. Quite a few people here seem to boil water with lemon in a pan to freshen their home with no ill effects, maybe that will give you a similar effect?
  11. Phoned up SSPCA (even though it's an English case that's how I have to go about it to confirm my details) and sent an email to bird trader asking them to remove the ad as well, seems a bit of a joke that they've allowed it to stay up for so long with what must be by now more than a few complaints.
  12. Personally I wouldn't risk the health of my babies to have a perfumed home. I had to get rid of all my obssessive housewifery products (ie mammoth collections of incense, scented candles, air fresheners, stinky cleaning products and oil burners) before the conures arrived, and in retrospect they've done me a huge favour
  13. The remote seems to hold up to their assault thankfully! It is a tricky one, I don't want to upset them but at the same time eating keyboards isn't very good for anyone involved!
  14. Yeah I think the timing just happened to be right with the stupid bird flu scare. Was just odd that it came from Defra.
  15. Have never tried clicker training with parrots (seen it in action with bird of prey but not a method I use with mine) but I did see an interesting looking book in one of the pet shops that might be of use to you: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Click-That-Does-Trick/dp/0793805619
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