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  1. can anyone help my friend has a cag and he has just started to pluck,the only thing we can think of that might of upset him is her partner has shaved his head and since then her cag has started plucking, she would like to know how to stop it before it gets to bad, what should she do ?thanks
  2. can you help im really worried about my cag, he is scraching the back of his head with his foot which is making him bold and i dont know what to do.
  3. thanks harry's mummy. im so glad i found this thread, it so nice to talk to people that understand.
  4. hi everyone, this is great a topic on bi-polar, i to has bi-polar it runs in my family and because of that i worry that one of my 5 children will get it. in one day i can change so many times, and because of this i cant make any plans i live each day as it comes, but im very lucky were i live as i have so much help, and my husband is the most understanding man, he is with me all the time, the only sad thing is he cant work because of me, i have been in and out of hospital, i have tyied to kill myself and im a bad selfharmer, bi-polar is with you for life and i find it hard to live with bi-polar its a naste illness, its hard to make friends as when they find out about your illness they dont want to know you anymore because they dont understand and they dont try to understand, at the end of the day its an illness, we didnt ask for it, its like cancer we dont ask for it it just happens but with cancer there is a small chance you will get rid of it but with bi-polar you wont its here for life you just have to live with it. bi-polar is in the top 5 of the worst illnesses.i wish more people would try to understand bi-polar and understand that we didnt ask for this, if we had a broken leg people would say you poor thing, whats the diffarant.. sorry if people think im ranting on i dont mean to.
  5. my african grey is 6 months old, he loves me touching him, but when i do sometimes he flaps his wings and try's to swollow my finger, why is this :?
  6. i have been trying to get my ted (african grey) to eat fruit and veg with no luck untill last night i was sitting on the settee with my husband watching a film eating grapes, ted was on my lap, he kept watching us eating the grapes slowly moving closer then it got the better of him he had to try one, he wasnt very keen but because we was still eating them he had to keep trying it wasnt long before he was really enjoying them, he made loads of mess but he loved them, i am so happy i just had to tell someone.
  7. can anyone tell me how long nuticrunch low waste parrot mix 5kg would last one african grey, as i dont have much money like a lot of people i still want the best i can get him, he dont eat much fruit and veg but i keep trying, iv been giving him a basic seed mix but i dont think its good enough for him, can you help.
  8. chocalate is bad but i was told white chocalate was ok is that true?
  9. thanks for that ill give it ago
  10. oh i dont think i will have his wings clipped, but how can i stop him flying around like a nut case, the people i brought him from wasnt very nice to him so he would sit on top off the curtain pole and they would scare him off and he would fly into the window and cut just above his beak, he would bite them thats why they got rid of him, he is so loveing to me loves cuddles he is the best but i dont want him to hurt himself when flying. what should i do
  11. should i have my 6 month cag wings clipped, and if so does anyone know someone that can do it in the essex area.
  12. thank you for your replys i not really worried if he talks, he is a very funny little chap he make lots of noise one is a loverly cat then straight after a cat being strangled. one other thing if you dont mind me asking, how can i stop him biteing sometimes he draws blood.
  13. hi i have a 3 and a half year old african grey and he only says about 4 words, can he learn to say more or would you say thats about all he will say. thanks
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