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  1. Hi, I have a chance to go away on holiday but I am unsure of the best way to get Peko to his holiday home. Peko is a sennie and we have yet to be parted. He has a fairly large cage, a San Remo and this won't fit upright in either my wife's or my car. I have a friend who is happy to look after Peko, he always used to look after my Cockatiel before he died. He lives less than 20 miles away from me and I was intending to take Peko's cage, laid down horizontally and transport Peko in a small travel box. However Peko remembers the box from when I first brought him home (a 2 and a half hour journey) and he is scared of it. My question is this; do I just keep trying to desensitise Peko to the travel box, so he can spend the holiday in his normal cage? (and make it easier if I ever have to get him to the vets) Or, do I dig out my old cockatiel cage which will just fit in the car and give it a thorough clean down and transport Peko in this and leave him in it for the 10 days I will be away. I am having a trial run with my friend first for 2 days where I will be in staying in this country and so could dash down and collect Peko if he stresses too much. I have never felt so guilty :oops: about going on a holiday. I am a bit like this with my dog but she loves the kennels so she is a bit easier.
  2. Hi and welcome Barbara, what's his name?
  3. Pippy do you think that the Arcadia lighting could be placed on the end of a Chube? That way we could guarantee that there would be light at the end of the tunnel :-)
  4. My heart goes out to you. I hope Enzo is having fun somewhere and has already started his journey home.
  5. I voted no. Since I got Peko my wife's Yankee Candles have stayed with their lids firmly closed. It has saved me a fortune as they now never run out :-) I think that even if those things were safe, which I very much doubt, I would keep it secret so my wife didn't just swap allegiances.
  6. Hi Dave and welcome to the Forum. I am pretty new here myself so I will the advice to those that know a lot more than I do. However I will say that if he is eating out of your hand already you are doing great. You will find a wealth of advice on here and people are really really caring and helpful. Good luck with your Amazon and getting him to step up. What's his name? All the best, Kel.
  7. Birds soon seem to know who likes them and more importantly who THEY like, but I have to say that FOOD is a big motivator and helps shorten the process. My little Sennie has bonded with me but tolerates my wife. However if she is the one with the SPECIAL treats...well that's different LOL.
  8. Does the fact that Human Flu has mutated first into Avian Flu and latterly into Swine Flu mean that we all have to watch out for flying pigs?
  9. Peko will only eat fresh banana if I tell him he can't. I pretend I am eating it ...then he is straight on my shoulder trying to get in on the act.
  10. Welcome Jaguar, you couldn't have picked a friendlier forum
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