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  1. omg how terrible!! If i can help CW, let me know. Don't mind being a foster home, with a proper cage, until they find their forever home. Poor lovies xxx
  2. yes, you do need to quarantine him. also, with budgies, you should have 2 females to 1 male, other wise the males will fight. could you not get a little female friend for him xx
  3. what birds are these? i have had budgies and canaries, and know that females should always out number boys at least 2 to 1. Think its a good idea to maybe get a female friend for sandy. good luck xx
  4. I don't comment very often, but have to agree with jebirds. I was part of a bird charity, and saw some horrific sights. Couldn't you use your avairy for rescue birds?
  5. hi, don't know if this help, but my neice if extremely allergic to cats, but not with their grey. hope you get it sorted soon xx
  6. i thought my grey was mad, playing at the bottom of his cage, at least i know hes not the only one lol.
  7. my hahns mimic dinosaurs!! Sounds like a raptor lol, my son loves jurasic park, so its always on
  8. yes parrots are very funny! I have 2 hahns macaw, who call my dog, they say 'come on, come on' then if he gets told off they laugh! Little tinkers
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