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  1. We are about a month behind the UK as far as leaves etc coming out, we have a huge amount of willow down by our stream that i will make use of this year your two realy looked they they were having a great time with it, So untill ours come into leaf i have to just enjoy the daffodils coming into flower.
  2. I was in two minds about purchasing a "Get a Grip Parrot Exercise Grid" from http://store.wptestoreuk.com/servlet/Detail?no=113 but decided why not give it a go, I did not really have a place to hang it but I thought ok I will put it on quick release fasteners in the hall so I can put it up and take it down so it was not in the way. Well it arrived last Tuesday and what can I say, Coco fell in love with it I found that it was easy to hide nuts in the twisted rope for him to find, it did not take him long to cotton onto this and he was soon clambering around hunting them down, once he had one he would clime up to the top to eat it before hunting down the next one, its great exercise for him and he really enjoys it, I am sure its helping him use muscles he would not be using on fixed perches as he has to balance against the sway of the net as he moves around. All in all other than Coco himself I think this has been one of my best buys for him. I have uploaded some pics to my Photobucket page.
  3. Shower Pictures are now up on Photobucket in my sig, No prune ones though as someone had to take the pictures steam kept messing the lense up but i think most of them are clear enough, Enjoy and a Happy Easter to you all.
  4. Hi Nia i have just finished introducing Coco to the shower its taken around 14 days and now he loves it https://www.parrot-link.co.uk/topic/21775-coco-takes-a-shower/
  5. Coco took to me at his previous owners house, he was also ok with "her who must be obeyed" but since having him home he has taken a total dislike to her if she is sitting on sofa he will jump off my arm and run along the sofa wings open and beak agape, he stops just short of her and just looks at her as if daring her to make a move, then turns round and comes back to me we have decided to take turns getting him out of his sleep cage and giving him breakfast and again in the evening putting him back in his sleep cage, we will see how this goes for a few weeks then try a little more hands on for her during the day.
  6. Sorry Jackie but I think if there are piccies Phoen!x will be dressed! :wink: Yep i was kind of thinking about that question myself So yes your right, it will only be pictures of Coco
  7. Coco our 3 year old B&G has been with us for two weeks now, as some of you may know he came from a couple who kept him in a small kitchen in a cage with no toys a single perch and a totally seed based diet it has taken just over a week to get him to start trying fruit and veg but we are now getting there and Banana seems to be a hit with him, ok what's this got to do with showers, nothing really other than the fact that his feathers were dull and lifeless and they stank worse than the extractor fan filters over our cooker his owners had told me he hated water ? I decided to try him out with a shower, but did not want to force the issue so opted for a slowly slowly approach. Day 1:- Monday 2 days after Cocos arrival I took him on my arm and showed him the bathroom I spent 10 minutes with him just showing him round the bathroom and talking to him all the time, he was a little unsure but there was no sign of any real distress or panic. Day 2:- Same as day one but this time I had placed a shower perch in the shower and spent around 10 minutes stepping him on and off the perch with a few pauses in between. Day 3:- Was a repeat of day 2. Day 4:- I went into the bathroom first and turned the shower on, the shower perch was well clear of the water at this stage, the noise seemed to unsettle him a little but again nothing to really be concerned about although he paid no interest in the water. Day 5:- Time to get wet, (Me that is) I placed Coco on his shower perch and stepped under shower making lots of excited noises much to amusement of my wife during this time I was stroking Coco with wet hands and a few fine drops of water were falling on him, while he did not mind the stroking, the water droplets were not to his liking. Day 6:- A repeat of day 5. Day 7:- I moved the shower perch slightly closer to the shower and again gave him an impression of someone who was totally enjoying them selves in the shower, with the perch a little closer this time water splashing off me was hitting him, again I was taking time to stroke him with wet hands, he seemed a little more tolerant to the splashes today. Day 8:- Was a repeat of day 7. Day 9:- Moved the shower perch closer to the shower so that the end of the perch was in the actual outer fringes of the shower spray, again more stroking and a lot of excited acting by myself, but Coco was not inclined to join me and spent his time at the far end of the perch, although again he was getting splashed from the water hitting his perch and also some that was coming off me. Day 10:- Was a repeat of day 9. Day 11:- Moved the perch a little closer and repeated day 9, but today I also had him stepping up onto my wet arm and moving him closer to the actual spray, at this time he actual lent forward into the water and started drinking, he was also licking water drops off my arm. Day 12:- Placed the shower perch directly under the shower and took Coco in on my arm, holding him out of the direct spray initially and then moving him in slowly and back out again, as he was not showing undue stress at this stage I brought him under the shower and asked him to step on his perch, which he did, although he showed no sign of spreading his wings he was not showing any fear. Day 13:- Was a repeat of day 12. Day 14:- I remained dressed and took him into the shower and placed him on his perch, I then turned the shower on at a gentle pressure, after about 30 seconds he was totally enjoying himself, Shaking his head and spreading his wings to get them as wet as he could and to my surprise he started making a similar sound to what I had been making when I was in the shower, I cant explain it but is was a sort of a wheeeWhoooWheee sound (not something I normally do when in the shower but it was to show him my enjoyment and how nice the water was) the wife thinks I am having a second child hood On a side note, each session in the shower was followed by lots of praise, cuddles and playing on the kitchen table, Coco on the table that is not me So what have we gained from this, for a start a bird that does not smell like a chip fryer, I am sure he is going to be thankful for that I know we are, His feathers have a little more shine to them, and do not look so flat and dull. The wife has had a good laugh I look like a prune, and Coco well it looks like he is going to be a real water baby, my plan is for him to shower every 3 days and who knows I may even join him occasionally. Next shower day I will take some photos.
  8. Well Coco my B&G has been a member of the family now for 5 days and could not have settled in any better, yesterday he totaly took me by supprise by flying to me, he was stood on his cage and i was explaining to my youngest daughter how to present her arm and say Step Up when she asked if she could have him on her arm, i raised my arm to show her and the next thing i knew there fas a flurry of wing beats and Coco was standing on my raised arm. Ok so i thought to myself is this just a one off, so i placed him back on his cage and walked the length of the lounge raised my arm and called Coco come and without any hesatation he flew to me, i had a palm nut in my pocket and rewarded him with this, i think this is somethign i would like to encourage incase the worse happend and we had an escape to the outside world, it could come in handy to have him return to me if called, so i think i will practice this one or twice a day with palm nut rewards.
  9. Found this news item A parrot whose cries of alarm alerted his owner when a little girl choked on her breakfast has been honored as a hero. Full Story here http://www.wlfi.com/dpp/news/strange/offbeat_ap_denver_parrot_honored_for_choking_girl_warning_2009032413072275740 .... MadMudMob says: always happy to shorten links
  10. Right toy distraction will be my first course of action and i will see how it goes, thanks for the advice
  11. Hi Clever people of the parrot world as some of you know i have just aquierd Coco a 3 year old B&G i have a question concerning regurgitating, when i have him on me on the sofa he bobs his head up and down and regurgitates a small amount of food, he is always pushing my free hand with his beak eather trying to get it on top or to the side of his head. What is this behaviour and why does he do it ? Paul
  12. Hi Niel, We use Avisafe the same stuff as we used for our amazons cage,
  13. Hi Guys, Some pics now uploaded to http://s674.photobucket.com/albums/vv108/prp2603/ also now in my sig i will try to get some better pics as the days go on Ok well we have Coco home now, while I was steam cleaning his cage that came with him we put him on a stand with a Java tree perch and what can I say, he took to it like a duck to water, while I re assembled his cage, my lovely wife decided it needed a final wipe down with disinfectant as soon as that was done I put all the toys in and introduced Coco to his new play cage, well he had a fantastic time and ate some fruit and nuts that I had put in for him. 21.00 I took him to his sleep cage and never heard a peep out of him until 09.00 this morning when I went to get him out. he has spent today on and in his play cage and an hour on the sofa with me, he seems to have settled in really well with no shyness towards the kids and is quiet happy for them to pick him up and ruffle his head feathers, I must admit I was a little concerned as to how he would take to his new home, I guess I was concerned over nothing Paul.
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