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  1. has anyone seen the site mytoo.com? always a good reference
  2. when i was looking at ads i got a similar thing,i even got a very detailed email from the so-called courier that looked pretty good but i called the number and got through to cameroon!!! just be very careful,if you still really want the bird is there any way you could go and get him? or maybe arrange your own courier there are some out there if you google it???
  3. i would say,stay away until you can pick the bird up most of the recent scams are free birds all you have to pay is the courier,can i ask how they want you to pay
  4. i've been excited just reading so can imagen you are thrilled!!! its the first thing i read lol i can't wait read what colour they are!!!
  5. i've been reading this thread silently just have to say congrats how exciting!!!
  6. hi my mum lives in blisworth and i go there most days will keep an eye out its not too far from deanshanger,hope this baby hasn't gone as far and is home very soon x
  7. thanks, it just makes more sense i can spend the money i save on toys for them lol ill leave a bit on only takes a bit of sweeping
  8. hi,i looked at some of the links you put on and one says they are not sure about apple tree branches,my mum has an apple orchard so would make sense to make a playstand rather that paying £100 plus for a java one the trees in the orchard have not been treated so there will be no pesticides on them. oh and might be a silly question if i did use one would i strip the bark?
  9. hello people,i'm now going to see kleopatra on sunday have read a few posts about her and feel very good!!! soo excited!! be ready to give me lots of info thanks peeps lovin this site already x
  10. i'll take a look sorry just starting to find my way around lol
  11. hello i have just joined the site,i don't actually have a parrot yet but am looking for an african grey and have read lots of sites and articals and would prefer to buy from a breeder. i am in northampton and was wondering if anyone could inform me of a trusted breeder i can travel but would like to find one nearish so i could possibly visit him if he wasn't weaned yet thanks
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