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  1. pippy I am not going straight away to bed after work.When I come from work 14:10 it's full 7,5 hours until I am going to sleep.
  2. thank you everery body!!!!!!!!! Any way I will do it!!!!!!!!! SORRY!!!!!!
  3. that is what sent me one from you guys: So why not?? (edited by LAM to clear up confusion)
  4. Hi,thank you for yours adds )Firstly I want to say that I still want a parrot,I'm not scare,I don't want a parrot as my toy and I understand they don't want to be a touched very time,because they are very inteligent and I also konw that I have to manipulate with parrot no parrot with me:))I am working 8 hours and I travel around 5 minut to work:))I am saveing money,so shoping occassionaly:)Anything is not dissuded me from my decision about buy a parrot and then I will be in touch to tell you how is it going.
  5. I want parrot to be with him before work and then after work every single minute,but I have to work 8 hours,noway.Where you take a money when you work 7 hours a week??Parrots are not cheap,you know better. Parrot is very inteligent pet and I feel is right animal for me,new friend,new member my family for all my live when I will take good care about him.
  6. pipy has a very nice gallery of pictures and videos,so i would like have the same but unfortunately I can't because I am working 8 hours How you can live from money for a part time??you don't need to save money? I can see that I can take a parrot when I will have a baby and stay at home,but is propaby hard to be pregnant in my case;(
  7. Good morning:)) So do you think is better take older one,but I am Czech nationality and when parrot will used to listen an English and now I will speak to him other language as well,do you think is not stressed??? How old should be the parrot,because I don't want an old one, for example 5 years??? Many thanks
  8. I also read that is good to buy a budgie as a friend to a parrot so I can do this because I have experience with budgies. Is it good idea??
  9. I know these things about getting bored etc., I read many of literature.
  10. Can you tell me if everyone from you guys what do have a parrot is all the time at home??Nobody is working 8 hours??nobody is not leaving a parrot 8 hours home alone??? I ask because I wanted to buy a parrot but breeder said"I can't give a parrot because you work parrot can stay at home maybe 2-3 hours alone" I was thinking about that and when I will have a dog,cat,or smaller bird what's seller recommended to me is the same thing they will be 8 hours home alone.I had a 2 dogs and they were realy happy,because when I came from work I spend a lot of time with them,so why not a parrot?
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