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  1. What an amazing thing to have happened at the precise time when you needed it most. What an incredible experience, totally out of the blue like that. Seeing his little face in that box... there are no words :cry: I went through it myself only 4 months ago. I still look out into the garden at night, and hope she's not cold out there. They take a little piece of us with them, don't they? I will talk to you soon Joanna X
  2. How can I joke at a time like this? :cry: I'm clock watching now... off to play with him for a while...
  3. Not really Laura. I'm going to have to get a full time job to support myself, maybe evenings/weekends too Unless I find a sugar daddy.. is there a "Suagr Daddy" thread on here?!
  4. Thanks Tory. I don't think Steve would neglect him, but he wants to start afresh too and that would mean both birds rehomed. I have a possibility in Chelmsford and one in Lincolnshire - both not a million miles away. I'll get through tonight first and take a fresh look tomorrow. I'm sure we'll make the right decision and all will be well in the end. I'm just a bit "glass half empty" at the moment :cry:
  5. He was 4 months old when I got him, now he's 4 years old. It must be because the male voice is just more distinctive or deeper :?
  6. I wonder if this is common. In percentages, my CAG hears my voice 90% of the time and my partner's voice the other 10%. I'm talking to him and saying the same things day in, day out.. my partner comes home and barely interacts with him apart from the odd phrase here and there. Everything that Mac says (and he's a good talker), he's picked up from Steve. The coughing and sneezing too. He hasn't ever repeated one single word from me. He seems to be only tuned into the male voice, like he has a little micro-chip in his brain Anyone else had the same?
  7. Thank you for the advice. I do agree that a good home is the most important thing, but the only problem I have with the distance thing is physically getting him there. I am scheduled to move out on Saturday and ideally, wanted to have him sorted and moved before then. It's purely a question of timing rather that geography. My partner and I have lost our ability to compromise and he doesn't want to be saddled with Pops after I'm gone. I would happily take him to John O'Groats if I thought it was the best place for him. It might be a question of having to leave him with my partner for a little while anyway until we can transport him together. As so often in life, everything happens at once and not all the pieces slot nicely into place. I appreciate everyone's help and advice very much
  8. I'm at work at the moment taking lots of deep breaths. Turned off Classic FM because the music seemed to be upsetting me, like it was written for people who are trying not to cry, to make them do exactly that! I'll get home about 1.30 and spend the afternoon cleaning his cage, washing his toys and making the most of our time left. He'll be in the car about 7 o'clock tonight and I shall be home without him at about 9 Somebody said further up in the thread, that sometimes a clean break is better Should I leave him alone for a while? Will it confuse/unsettle him seeing me? What is the general opinion?
  9. Trying so hard to look at the positive side of all this - but sadness is winning the battle. It's the same feeling I had when my female galah had a heart attack and died in my arms on 16th November last year. Such a huge loss, even though the circumstances are totally different. I haven't cried for the partner I'm leaving. I didn't cry when I had to sell my beautiful car and buy an old banger! I'm not sad to leave my home, nor for the fact that this relationship swallowed up ten years of my life... but the thought of losing those little birds is unbearable.. Maybe it's all magnified because I'm tired and weepy tonight and the misery of the past couple of months has caught up with me. I'll be back tomorrow.. "Oh No!" I can hear you all shouting!!
  10. Thank you all... and while I'm here I'd like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has contacted me about a home for my Galah. Many of you are a little bit too far away, but nevertheless, the help and support offered has been overwhelming and heartwarming (you all know who you are...) I'm sure he will find a loving mum or dad too very soon. In the meantime, this forum is a very comforting place to be, so thank you all again. Joanna
  11. Tomorrow evening, Mac my 4-year old CAG is going to a new home. I have already posted on the 'Rehoming' thread looking for a home for my other bird Pops, explaining the circumstances, but for those of you who haven't seen it, I am coming out of a relationship and will be renting a room where I can't take him. Mac is going to wonderful people who had a Grey but it died. I have been to their home and they have been to mine. They are the parents of a young man I work with and I can telephone and visit whenever I like. I know they will love him, so why is my heart breaking? Maybe because I remember when he was a baby, how we'd snuggle up together in the mornings and he'd fall asleep in my dressing gown. Maybe because I'll miss my kiss through the bars every morning when I take his cover off. Maybe because he can count from 1 to 10 but never in the right order... or because his version of Ba Ba Black Sheep is always back to front... How do these little babies manage to take over our lives and become so precious - even when they can be so naughty and eat the bread bin! I'm praying for strength tomorrow evening and even more strength when I get home to an empty space where his cage stood. Thank you for listening :cry:
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